How to create a winning marketing resume

As a marketer, you know the importance of communicating a compelling story about a product or service. You understand the competitive landscape, realize the need to appeal to a decision maker and know the importance of quantifying results. Crafting a winning marketing resume that will catch the attention of hiring managers and help you get your foot in the door is no different. It’s about marketing yourself. At Epsilon, we receive thousands of resumes per year. Those that make it to the next stage often reflect the four tips I’ve outlined below.

Heard of the 4 P’s of marketing?

When crafting your resume, I recommend following the 5 B’s: “Be Brief, Brother. Be Brief.”  Today, nearly all companies use resume screening software to narrow the funnel. If your resume is full of fluff or is wildly formatted, you will likely miss the cut. If you’re unable to summarize your career history onto a single page, two–to-three pages is the limit. Anything beyond three pages will be lost on recruiters and hiring managers. This is particularly important for the marketing industry. Today, marketers strive to deliver messages that resonate with time-starved consumers and this is just as important when crafting your resume. If you’re unable to be concise and illustrate your experience and skills in less than three pages, recruiters and hiring managers may bypass your resume all together or they may interpret this inability as a required marketing skill you lack.

Illustrate client wins

Tell your story in a pointed way that demonstrates your understanding of client needs and the solutions you helped architect.  Also list your vertical industry expertise. This can be especially helpful in an agency setting like Epsilon, which is organized by industry.

Measure results

We know all about measurement.  It permeates everything we do for clients because decision makers expect results. Your resume should reflect outcomes, not just your day-to-day activities. Wherever possible, weave in facts and figures that demonstrate how you’ve impacted clients’ top and bottom line.

Get in front of that decision maker

Remember to leverage your professional network.  As I suggested in a previous blog post, tap into your personal networks to help identify connections and referral opportunities. Use LinkedIn extensively, as the site has made it much easier to keep in contact and reconnect with potential referrers with whom you have had direct experience.  At Epsilon, over one-third of our hires come through referrals and they’re hands-down our best source for talent. Once your resume passes the screening software, it is passed to a person who will make the ultimate hiring decision. Spend extra time preparing your resume and a lot of extra time networking to make that next marketing opportunity a reality.