Leveraging the power of data to engage people on Facebook

It is no secret the consumption of media has changed. Consumers are now interacting with brands not only in-store and online but through a multitude of devices. The opportunity for brands to connect with consumers with relevant messages, in real-time has never been more prevalent, but brands are still challenged with effectively reaching on-the-go consumers. As marketers try to effectively reach consumers across channels where do the best opportunities lie?

Facebook® is undoubtedly one platform that represents a huge opportunity to reach on-the-go consumers. According to Facebook’s most recent earnings report 526 million of its monthly active users access Facebook solely on their mobile devices – this represents about 38% of Facebook’s 1.39 billion monthly active users. Have you considered how you can better target people who are highly engaged on Facebook?

Even more astounding is the ability to reach the remaining 62% (864m) regardless of the device they are using. Facebook’s capabilities for cross-device targeting at the individual level are unparalleled – they are one of the few places where a person’s entire experience is in an authenticated environment, regardless of platform.

The power of Facebook targeting lies within its unparalleled reach and engagement, the ability to reach real people and its large set of Facebook interests and demographics data. To further help marketers, Facebook is restructuring its partner program – Facebook Marketing Partners – in an effort to make it easier for marketers to find partners based on their specific needs.  Epsilon, which first began working with Facebook nearly two years ago, is a badged Facebook Marketing Partner with Audience Onboarding and Audience Data Providers specialties.  These specialties help marketers better target their customers with robust data sets.  What are the benefits of this partnership? Let’s look at a couple of use cases:

Custom Audiences

You are a subscription service provider looking to find new customers via Facebook but don’t know where to start. Why don’t you start with your own data? Custom Audiences allow you to leverage your existing CRM data and match it on Facebook in order to better target your campaign to the right people.

Working with Epsilon you can upload this data –  in a privacy safe manner—and use it to target specific offers to the right people. For example, you can use your data to exclude existing customers from your campaign. Instead, target the campaign to the right users via Facebook’s News Feed where people are actively participating, engaging and discovering new information.

Partner Categories

For marketers looking to more deeply fine-tune their campaigns you can overlay Epsilon data to further segment your audience and reach your ideal customer. For example, you’re a nutrition company looking to find the best customers for your new weight-loss shake. Using Epsilon’s lifestyle and interests Partner Categories you are able to target people on Facebook who are interested in nutrition, diet, and fitness, and are also on smart phone. Because Epsilon’s lifestyle and interests information is self-reported and reinforced with actual transaction data, it’s extremely accurate in providing valuable information into segmenting your target audience.

People on Facebook are a highly-engaged audience – according to a recent study by Forrester Research, people on mobile spend 80% of their time on just five apps, with Facebook leading the way for attention. Consider the potential in reaching this highly engaged audience using additional data segments and insights.  

Facebook® is a registered trademark of Facebook, Inc.