My channel, my choice: The retail transformation

The retail industry is undergoing an epic transformation, changing how consumers shop and how retailers market to consumers.

The retail transformation is fueled by advancements in technology, shifts in consumer expectations and attitudes, and the continued rise of digital commerce. And as the worlds of offline and online retail commerce continue to converge, this could considered the perfect storm of retail transformation for retailers and consumers.

A dramatic shift in power from seller to buyer is taking place as part of the retail transformation, putting consumers in the eye of the retail storm. Consumers have become aware of their increased control and continue to desire immediate gratification enabled by new technologies.

Retailers are rethinking and retooling how they do business, leveraging newfound digital technology and reaching new customers in innovative ways. Epsilon is committed to help clients rethink and retool by providing the information, data, and marketing solutions to meet the changing needs of retailers.