Q1 2014 email marketing trends and benchmarks

Email continues to thrive as a vital touchpoint in the customer journey. However, the number of touchpoints is constantly expanding. Consumers today engage with brands via email, social media, online display, websites, mobile, in-store displays and more at various stages of the marketing funnel.

The Q1 2014 Email Trends and Benchmarks analyzed performance trends by industry and message type. They offer insight into how the average company performs across 13 industry categories. This study has been compiled from 6.2 billion emails sent in Q1 (January through March) 2014 across approximately 140 clients.

Email marketers today must always be improving their strategies to ensure their messages are relevant and impactful. Epsilon has compiled and analyzed aggregated data from billions of emails since 2002 to provide brands with email benchmarks to evaluate their respective campaigns. We hope this data will allow you to assess your current performance and spark inspiration to evolve your email marketing to ignite connections with your customers. Please note that specifics for each company will ultimately drive results. This benchmark data should only be used as a guideline.