Q4 2013 email trends and benchmarks

Today’s consumers communicate in real-time, across an abundance of channels in the physical and virtual worlds; making relationship-building efforts for brands more complicated than ever before. These digital savvy consumers also expect more personalized and engaging relationships with their brands of choice. It is no longer about push messaging. It is about pull to drive higher degrees of personalization.

Time and time again, email has proven to be an effective way to build such relationships. As you review our benchmarks, keep in mind that the best way to lift email is to apply context. How, when and where a customer interacts with your brand could prove to be the most useful information in your email marketing efforts.

The Q4 2013 Email Trends and Benchmarks analyze performance trends by industry and message type. They offer insight into how the average company across 13 industry categories performs. The study is compiled from 7 billion emails sent in Q4 2013 (October through December) across multiple industries and approximately 140 clients.

This benchmark data should only be used as a guideline. Specifics for each company will ultimately drive results.