Solution overflow and what it means for customer experience

Europe recently met in the center of the continent as more than 43,000 visitors attended dmexco 2015 in Cologne, Germany. The biggest digital marketing exhibition and conference in Europe may be turning into one of the most important events on a global scale. Over 30% of the exhibitors in attendance were international and nearly no CxO from the major global brands was missing … All of this in just 2 days, another proof of this quick moving digital industry. Here you can get a good impression of what was going on.

Reflecting on the conference, there have never been more hot topics that are moving people’s minds. Among those topics are content marketing, big data to smart data to connected data, digitalization, mobile, programmatic, BI, user centric internet of things and the customer journey.

From big data to smart data to connected data

One of my biggest takeaways was: finally we are getting there. It is no longer about big data it is  about connected data. It is about using data to pull the right insights out of it, recognize the consumer and connect the data with the right content that is of interest to the consumer.

Data is the foundation for marketing activities today but even more important for marketers is putting the bits and pieces together to deliver an integrated marketing approach with one voice. The challenge for marketers is to find the right solutions and orchestrate the execution. Digital is becoming exponentially more important and marketers must hurry up, not to miss this train if they want to be successful in this environment. To be successful, marketers have to steadily develop their technical talent to take advantage of trends and with this realize opportunities to increase their business.

The conversations I had during  dmexco clearly showed a change in peoples’ minds. They no longer think about silo solutions, they are thinking in terms of all-encompassing marketing solutions. This is where all the above mentioned hot topics or buzz words are finding their way together. It is not about one or two of the hot topics it is about all of them. Even the European consumer understands that it is to their advantage to receive information that is targeted to their actual needs.

The key takeaway from the dmexco is that marketers should spend enough time and effort to work on their integrated marketing approach. We are currently at a point where you will see in the future which brands are the winners or the loser.

Were you in attendance? Share your key takeaways in the comments.