The social shift towards messaging

At F8, Facebook's most recent developer conference, Facebook made the formal announcement to beta launch 3rd Party chat bot support for Facebook Messenger.  What is driving this shift from social media towards social messaging?

Social media is a path to understanding and being in a relationship with your customers. Social messaging is poised to become the most direct, direct marketing channel, which allows marketers to create immediate 1:1 conversations with customers.

As consumer behavior shifts toward more intimate forms of communication and away from public sharing, we’re seeing social messaging apps become more popular than networking apps. Social messaging apps are the new lifestyle platforms, where consumers can book a vacation, order food and check traffic (among countless other applications). These platforms are giving rise to a new form of commerce.

Why now for Facebook?

With 900M users and over 1 billion messages sent per month, Facebook felt that Messenger has progressed through their continuum approach to product lifecycle and has now hit the inflection point of scale. This scale offers an opportunity to build out an ecosystem that solidifies and sustains Messenger as the go to mobile application.

The key is that Messenger will support one bot to many pages. This makes it easy to seamlessly connect brands or services in a portfolio to create compelling and unique experiences that are 1:1.

Since Facebook does not own the mobile hardware or the operating system, they are positioning Messenger threads as a replacement for native apps.

We explored this topic further in a recent white paper, THE SOCIAL SHIFT TOWARD MESSAGING: 10 ways to leverage data, messaging apps, chat bots & conversational commerce. This white paper looks at:

  • the shift in consumer behaviors towards social messaging
  • the potential impact of these changes
  • proposed best practices and future considerations

Want to learn more? Download the full white paper today.