The role of marketing services in becoming an experience-led business

87% of marketers expect customer experience to be their primary differentiator, according to Gartner Research.  But the digital transformation has presented brands with new challenges when it comes to customer experience forcing marketers to think differently about how they market to consumers, build brand loyalty and drive sales.

Brands no longer have the required skills in-house to build connected experiences and meet the rising expectations of today’s consumers. Marketers increasingly rely on partners to help them leverage data, content and technology to identify the right consumers and reach them in real-time at moments of interest.

These themes were center stage at Adobe Summit 2017 where more than 12,000 industry leaders discussed what it means to be an experience-lead business and how to create compelling experiences that create loyal customer relationships and drive business growth.

Michael Paige, Senior Vice President, DX Delivery at Epsilon took to the Adobe Think Tank to discuss creating richer experiences for customers through marketing services. Watch the Adobe Think Tank Video.