Creating deeper customer connections in 2017

As 2016 comes to a close, there’s a lot of talk about digital marketing trends that surfaced this year and why marketers need to pay attention to these trends to succeed in 2017. 75% of marketers agree that their growth depends on communication with their customers and prospects as individuals according to recent research from Epsilon and Econsultancy. Yet, the same report finds that only 14% of marketers have strong capabilities in these areas. This should be a priority in 2017.

Think about it. YouTube has 1 billion active users every month; Gmail now has more than 1 billion active monthly users and Google processes over 40,000 search queries every second. Consumers are now interacting with brands in real-time across a number of channels and are consuming content in ways they never have before. Yet, most marketers are still struggling to connect with their customers through digital.

As you try to effectively reach consumers across channels where do the best opportunities lie? To start, you need to be thinking seriously about reaching customers – and building new audiences – through digital channels. The digital transformation transcends industries and verticals with implications for travel marketers, retailers, insurance companies and financial institutions alike. And the power of data can help you make these connections and execute programs that drive growth for your brand.

We’ve talked before about leveraging data to engage consumers on social media and similar opportunities now exist through the Google platform.

Google recently announced they were extending the Google Customer Match program to make it easier for brands to connect with consumers this holiday shopping season and beyond. Customer Match enables deeper customer relationships by reaching consumers as they’re shopping on Google, watching videos on YouTube and checking messages on Gmail.

Epsilon is a Google Customer Match uploader, meaning we can help clients securely upload their customer list into their AdWords account(s) to reach customers.  By working with Epsilon, clients ensure their data is uploaded via a secure connection, protecting customer information. Further, because Google identifies customers through email address, Epsilon can help clients reach a larger pool of their own customers – thanks to Epsilon’s extensive email reference table for customer matches.

As the fight for consumer’s attention spans increase, recognizing your customers through digital channels has never been more important. Your ability to drive business growth for your brand is entirely dependent on your ability to reach them with personalized marketing communications in the moments that matter most.

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