Email marketing evolved: Three ways to upgrade your strategy

The number of touch points in the customer journey is constantly increasing. At every stage of the marketing funnel, there always seems to be a new way to reach and connect with consumers.

Today, consumers can engage with brands through email, social media, online display, websites, mobile, in-store displays and numerous other nontraditional methods. But despite all these different modes of engagement, email still continues to thrive as one of the principle touch points in the customer experience. So, it’s imperative that marketers constantly improve, adjust and modernize pre-existing email marketing strategies to ensure that customers remain interested.

Below are three ideas to explore with your email program.

  • You can trigger that. Triggered emails tend to have significantly higher open and click rates since they’re deployed as the result of a consumer action. In Q1 2014, triggered email click rates were 160.3% higher than business as usual email click rates. Yet they only accounted for 3.8% of total email volume. Think of creative opportunities to leverage trigger emails to remain relevant and to keep your subscriber engaged with your brand.
  • Two birds with one stone. Email cadence can be tricky. As email marketers, we want to keep consumers engaged, but we don’t want to bombard them with messaging. One way to overcome this is to mix email messages. For example, if you’re sending a business as usual email to subscribers, include a banner at the bottom of the email with an update of their loyalty status. Sending an abandoned shopping cart email? Add messaging about your upcoming promotion. However, avoid adding too much content or your messages and calls to action will be confusing.
  • Time of delivery = device of open. In today’s mobile economy, we cannot think about time of delivery without considering device of open. If your subscriber data shows an individual is significantly more likely to click email offers from their tablet than on their mobile device, schedule time of delivery at a time when that individual is most likely to be on their tablet. Email marketers need to leverage data to ensure their messages are relevant, meet subscribers’ preferences and are delivered at the optimal time for the individual user.

Have you experimented with any of these suggestions?