MediaPost Email Insider Summit turns up the heat

This week Epsilon headed to the MediaPost Email Insider Summit (EIS) in Deer Valley, Utah. Normally this is a pilgrimage for email marketers looking to improve their programs and enjoy some skiing, but the unseasonably warm temperatures were a surprise. No doubt a result of the hot topics and sizzling case study presentations at this year’s event!

Okay, no more bad puns—I will share some of our observations from the thought-provoking presenters, panels and our favorite conversations.

Email marketers are getting better at segmentation. And they’re doing it in the best way possible—by keeping it simple. When it comes to segmentation, it doesn’t have to be complicated in order to get results. For example, Wendy’s discussed the tremendous results in increased engagement and response they have seen simply by segmenting consumers who like salads from those who prefer cheeseburgers. Epsilon client Patagonia also showcased their achievements with Epsilon’s scheduling intelligence technology, helping to dramatically improve results by targeting consumers based on their individual behavior, specifically the time of day they typically open email messages.

The Gmail Tabs crisis is over. At last year’s MediaPost Email Insider Summit, email marketers were frantically trying to understand and evaluate the impact of Gmail Tabs on consumer email behavior. Turns out it was much ado about nothing, as highlighted in the panel on How to Manage the Changing Consumer Inbox. Participants acknowledged that while we must continue evaluating Gmail’s new Pinterest-like layout, we’ve have learned that the Gmail Tab fallout was not as dramatic as anticipated. As Epsilon’s SVP of Digital Marketing Services, Quinn Jalli pointed out, changes to Gmail just mean we need to push ourselves to be smarter marketers.  And that’s never a bad thing.

Digital is helping nonprofits profit. Two notable presentations—Girl Scouts of America demonstrated how they are empowering regional leaders with email social media strategies that are consistent, effective tools for communication and recruiting new members and Kiva, an innovative online organization dedicated to alleviating poverty through lending, showed the impact email marketing is having for nonprofit organizations. It was enlightening to see firsthand how email and digital marketing are being applied to real-world challenges and improving lives in the US and around the globe.

From Wendy’s and Patagonia to Dell, American Airlines, Living Social, Ebates, Amazon, Direct Brands and Warner Music—MediaPost Email Insider Summit proved to be a powerful representation  of email marketing mastery from some of the world’s top brands. We’re thankful for the opportunity to be a part of it, and eagerly look forward to next year.