Next generation digital messaging: Why we did it

Navigating the digital marketing landscape has never been more daunting. The social and mobile revolutions are in the rear view mirror, Big Data has enabled a world of possibilities and digital marketing teams are trying to figure out how to best organize themselves for success.  You can feel the potential just waiting to be unlocked and enabled.

We think we’ve found the key.  We’ve been listening to the challenges our clients face and the issues that are top-of-mind for them. Out of these conversations, Agility Harmony was born.

We’re thrilled to finally reveal Harmony, Epsilon’s next generation digital messaging platform for global marketers. Our new cloud-based solution will enable the seamless creation and delivery of omnichannel campaigns like never before.

It wasn’t easy building this platform from the ground up, but here are three reasons why we did it:

Streamlining teamwork. Modern marketing requires collaboration across silos and organizational departments. In recent years we’ve witnessed the rise of what Forbes dubs, the “Power Couple”: the CMO and the CIO. While many marketers have realized the benefits of working across teams, determining how to do so is no small feat.

Designed to eliminate roadblocks to collaboration and creativity, Harmony empowers marketers to integrate and leverage a wide variety of data from anywhere in the enterprise. Additionally, as marketing roles become more specialized and distributed, Harmony lets marketers focus on their specific tasks. For example, it lets admins create customized profiles by assigning any combination of more than 100 user-based permissions. Creatives can be creative and analysts can analyze.  The result is a well-oiled machine, where all team members are working in harmony with one another.

Targeting and Big Data. The amount of data available today has increased marketers’ ability to better target individual consumers.

However, making this data actionable in real-time is a challenge – one that we must overcome to deliver truly personalized and relevant messages and offers.

In fact, a recent DMA survey found that 46% of marketers surveyed said their top real-time marketing concern is access to data.  The survey also found that 77% of marketers believe that real-time personalization is highly important.

Harmony has easy-to-use, built-in segmentation capabilities and supports dynamic content allowing marketers to target messages to individual consumers, across multiple channels. Integration with Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and other social networks enables email subscribers to share content and amplify the marketer’s reach for a specific message or offer.

Mobile optimization. Mobility has been a game changer in many aspects of life, including marketing. and Forrester found that 44% of retailers’ marketing emails are opened on a mobile device. This doesn’t merely apply for retail, but is what we’re seeing across industry verticals. We’re witnessing the birth of the always addressable customer. Mobile email provides an opportunity marketers have never had before: to reach consumers wherever they are, at practically any time.

We know mobile optimization is major area of focus for today’s marketers. Harmony is designed to simplify mobile optimization with embedded best practices and responsive design support. Marketers can now ensure that their emails and corresponding landing pages are not only rendering properly on all mobile devices, but are engaging and lead consumers down the path-to-purchase.

We’re only scratching the surface of the capabilities that Harmony will place in the hands of today’s digital marketer and we look forward to sharing more in the very near future.

What other omnichannel marketing challenges are you and your team facing? Tell us in the comments below.

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