What’s your why? Nicorette & NicoDerm CQ create emotional connections to drive brand engagement

For consumers, the New Year is often a time to reflect, restart and an opportunity to resolve to be better in the year ahead. For GlaxoSmithKine’s Nicorette and NicoDerm CQ brands, the New Year is a chance to connect with smokers who have tried to quit before and are resolving to quit smoking once more. This year, Nicorette and NicoDerm CQ will capitalize on the momentum of the “What’s Your Why” campaign, by making connections with consumers considering a quit attempt on a different level than ever before.

The “What’s Your Why” campaign is based on two main insights:

Every quitter’s journey is unique. Their challenges are their own and their victories are defined and celebrated in their own individual way.  They can identify with other quitters – as there are some shared experiences—but quitting can often feel the toughest when the quitter feels like no one understands or appreciates their struggle.

The target audience doesn’t need to be educated on the health risks associated with smoking.  They’ve read the health warnings; they’ve been pressed by their doctors, friends and their families.  A lot of quit smoking products and programs focus on telling smokers why they should quit.  Nicorette and NicoDerm CQ decided it was time to ask them about their personal motivations.

This fresh approach drove a shift in thinking for Nicorette and NicoDerm CQ,  putting the quitter at the center of the story, allowing the brand to make a more personal and emotional connection with all smokers.

We knew that we didn’t need to tell quitters why they should quit smoking, they already know that. Our job was to inspire and support them while providing an effective method of how to quit. We knew we had an opportunity to create a point of difference for the brand by shifting the beginning of the conversation from the rational to the emotional side of the journey.

Through cultivating inspirational messages delivered by actual quitters and warm evocative imagery, the “What’s Your Why” campaign forged personal bonds with quitters across digital, social, in-store and traditional platforms, inviting quitters to simply share their ‘why’.

Traditional in-store and direct outreach efforts, invited quitters to visit the brands on Facebook and Twitter to share their “why” stories., and the unique GSK Smoking Cessation destination, – provided a home for a selection of “why” stories while directing quitters to helpful resources.

Quitters’ engagement with Nicorette and NicodDerm CQ was generated through a wealth of authentic user-submitted content, some of which was highlighted in official branded communications, including a series of interviews that showcased the “why” of specially selected quitters.  Through the stories and voices of fellow quitters, “What’s Your Why?” created a supportive online community and earned greater credibility for the brand.

Brand engagement resulted in:

  • A 54% increase in fans for Nicorette’s Facebook page
  • A 107% increase for Nicorette & NicoDerm CQ’s combined Twitter following
  • 71,000 “why” stories shared

GSK knew that elevating the quit smoking conversation using emotion was the game-changing step the brands needed to differentiate and drive engagement among consumers.

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