Our commitment to ‘Make it Better’

Healthcare marketers face unique challenges. As one of the leading experts in healthcare marketing – recently named the #17 Largest U.S. Healthcare Agency Network by Ad Age— we at Epsilon help confront these challenges every day. But the landscape has changed and with it, we have changed too. Earlier this month, we officially announced the launch of EpsilonHealth, which will serve as an extension of the Epsilon brand to specifically fulfill the needs of healthcare marketers.

Why the announcement of yet another healthcare marketing provider amidst a sea of healthcare agencies?

EpsilonHealth has something very unique to say and offer. The heart of what we do lies in the fact that we help “Make it Better.” It’s a simple statement meant to position EpsilonHealth as a provider and facilitator, helping our clients significantly improve customer healthcare experiences through informed choice. Informed choice drives positive change in the lives of people, patients, caregivers, prescribers and providers.

The purpose of a well-designed communication strategy is to create a more informed and empowered customer. This can mean a doctor who needs to understand her treatment choices, an insurance plan member who needs to better understand his coverage options, or a patient who wants to understand how to proactively manage her health. And when done right, it means better patient outcomes.

But to truly empower consumer choice, healthcare marketers must better understand customers and how they want to engage with brands. This requires data, creativity and technology that work together to reach customers on a personalized level across channels. EpsilonHealth helps clients see things other agencies don’t, and do things others can’t. It’s the harmonious blend of compelling creative and adaptive technology living side by side with regulatory requirements and healthcare market nuances always considered.

Some examples to ponder, both small and large:

A “targeted therapy” oncology client is viewed as a mechanistic while the leading competitor product is seen as an emotional life-saver. What is missing? Our client has not previously done enough to connect with customers at an emotional level whereas their competitor’s positioning is synonymous with mobilizing the body’s immune system to heroically fight cancer. What is our solution?

We are developing an above- brand hub for oncologists to connect with and explore clinical data. Further, we are segmenting physician audiences based on sentiment and behavior around prescribing style and disposition. We’re using segmentation insight to reinforce the appropriate brand parameters in its messaging. Armed with appropriate data and with willing brands as our partners, we can deliver the most impactful message to each physician, allowing marketing budget Davids to overcome big spending Goliaths. Better informed physicians can help drive better patient outcomes.

A multinational pharmaceutical client has a world-class patient support program. Yet the program was not connecting with at-risk patients who needed support the most. We implemented a polling mechanism throughout all contact points to assess level of satisfaction and then delivered a custom experience to individuals based on their response.

Superior visual elements delivered the best possible experience and engagement, while thoughtful UX ensured functionality and usability. Across online, social, mobile and email both creative and UX needed to be in balance. Personalized digital experiences helped drive better patient outcomes.

Healthcare is inherently emotional. It is, at its core, about preserving and saving lives. Effectively reaching customers requires deeper connections that inspire better healthcare decisions. Access to unique data assets and rich insights will open up smarter ways to connect with consumers and deliver stronger communications. The result is messaging that will truly resonate and drive positive action.