Reimagining your data strategy

“Data is fuel. Data inspires.” These were common themes among attendees at NEMOA’s directXchange conference last month. Over 500 marketers joined forces to discuss the key trends in data and share success stories on how to maintain continuity in all channels. Savvy marketers are now leveraging the culmination of offline and online data to produce successful marketing programs in and outside of the mailbox.

As brands continue to navigate through the digital journey, they need to reimagine their data strategy. The time has come to shift from anonymous to known audiences with the integration of offline and online data. To do so, marketers need to integrate data overlays into all programs. Data overlays shift the level of intel marketers have from knowing of consumers to knowing about them. Gaining behavioral insight is essential for one-to-one, personalized marketing. With this insight marketers can leverage data assets and propensity models to create look-a-like audiences of their best customers and take their marketing to the next level.

For example, marketers are allocating more budget dollars to their digital marketing efforts with social as an integral component. Social media spending in the US alone is expected to increase to $17.34 billion in 2019. Brands are embracing the value of social media platforms by on-boarding offline data but many are still determining how to integrate these channels fully into marketing programs. When brands perform ‘data on-boarding’ to their social media channels, the data is typically uploaded to an online analytics campaign where data mining occurs with the existing online data. This provides marketers with broader insights into their customers’ wants and needs which further enhances their online experience driving loyalty to their brand. With most of today’s offline data being available in a digital format, the integration process has become streamlined.

But while many retailers are thinking digital and social, don’t forget about the offline channel. Online and offline play equal rolls in the  digital journey.

Understanding your customer’s needs is essential through every part of the journey. Talbots shared a great success story on how they’ve recently empowered all associates with tablets. Talbots learned from their customers that they wanted to experience the online aspect of shopping while in-store. For example, if a customer visits a store to try on a suit and the store only has in stock their size in the pants, they want instant access to getting the matching suit coat/top. Therefore, Talbots’ associates are able to place these online orders on the spot at no additional cost to the customer. Further, the frontline data collected on these tablets is then integrated with all other channels ensuring a full customer view. Additionally, associates are able to generate an email campaign from in-store where they see there’s a follow-up opportunity for up-sell, etc.

As one marketer shared on the main stage at the conference, “Be true, always. Celebrate, recognize, be real and don’t pretend.”  Data tells the facts, and your company/organization tells the story.  Leverage data to reimagine your creativity and remember to never stop seeing the world through your customer’s eyes.