Resolve to giving digital-centric agencies a chance in 2017

To say it has been an eventful year would be an understatement. Now at the helm of Epsilon’s agency business, I am at the center of the hyperbole that is the ad industry’s so-called “identity crisis.”  Sure the fight for consumer’s attention has intensified, resulting in noticeable shifts like Dentsu’s acquisition of Merkle. And yes, it has resulted in headlines like “Epsilon Wins Del Monte, May Be Coming for Your Clients.” But what is really at the center of these changes and dramatic headlines?

Brands now require agency partners that help them better understand consumer needs, leading to strategic marketing programs that drive growth leveraging offline and online channels. Advertising today is still largely about the creative big idea but it now must be combined with the dynamic nature of digital to address consumers’ needs across channels. Together, creative execution and digital-centric approaches will make the biggest impact, in the moments that matter most, for individuals at scale.  Achieving this in today’s complex marketing world requires tools that aren’t in the traditional agency’s toolbox: data and digital.

GIA (Gemological Institute of America) recently selected Epsilon as their agency of record. Why? “In today’s increasingly complex digital landscape, it’s important to understand what drives consumers, and how to communicate to them in a meaningful way,” said Kathryn Kimmel, senior vice president and chief marketing officer at GIA. “We engaged Epsilon knowing they could deliver on three key initiatives: developing creative that speaks to our target consumers, transforming GIA’s digital footprint and creating efficiencies in media spend.”

In speaking with clients and prospects, GIA’s approach isn’t simply a trend. Clients are taking a hard look at what is really driving growth for their business. They’re opening up their selection set to organizations that have traditionally been more digital or data focused.  A recent report by Forrester Research, Inc. “Add A Digital-Centric Lead Agency to Your RFP,” November 2016, highlighted when and why brands should consider agencies that excel more at digital. I was pleased that Epsilon was included among other firms as a digital-centric agency to consider in the role of lead agency.

I meant it when I said “I like where we are at the moment.” If you’re interested in joining the Epsilon team to drive this change towards data insights that power creativity or interested in learning about what Epsilon’s agency team can do for your brand, please get in touch or check out the Epsilon LinkedIn page for job openings.