Score a touchdown with targeted display

At the start of a new football season, all rankings are reset, rosters refreshed and players reinvigorated. The underdog can win just as easily as last year’s frontrunner. Statistically, anything is possible. Much like a football team, your digital marketing group has the ability to refresh your rankings each promotional season and pick the players that will ensure a campaign victory. But, is your team really ready for a championship this season? Let’s find out.

Draft Your All-Star Team  Metaphorically your “team” of players represents your arsenal of online display marketing tactics.  Digital marketers leveraging the display channel need to assemble a strong “roster” of tactics that will maximize online and in-store sales growth. In the past, most companies created strategies that relied heavily on one display tactic, a “quarterback” of sorts, which received all of the attention and responsibility. However, it takes more than one “player” to make a winning team and this strategy is not sufficient for a company to prevail in today’s competitive marketing landscape. Full reliance on one display tactic will not scale your business, nor will it allow for proper measurement of one-to-one, in-store/branch sales. Instead, this season make sure your roster is full of “all-star” tactics, so that your QB has the support of running backs, tight ends and a powerful offensive line. Enlisting targeted display onto your team roster is a one-stop way to round out your team in a targeted, measurable manner. The addition of this one key player will bring a full range of support capabilities to your team, including world-class acquisition data to use in conjunction with your own customer database.

Prepare for the Season, Not Just One Game For some teams, the football season can last for almost five full months, so any good team manager knows it’s best not to overexert your players during the very first game. Similarly, a good marketing strategy should consider all of the promotional opportunities through the course of the year and allocate resources accordingly. Strategically integrating targeted display into your marketing game plan over the course of the season is an effective way to put your team in the lead—and keep them there.

Bring In Your Coach Look for a partner who can provide strategic advice and services to help your brand deliver more targeted and results-driven web display campaigns. This season, hire a coach who can help draft your players, put together a game-winning strategy and record your winning game scores. Want to learn more about how you can recruit Epsilon and beat the competition? Download our new online marketing playbook below.