The challenge of building scale for one-to-one addressable audiences

Media and entertainment companies already have millions of viewers. The challenge is that these viewers are largely unknown, except for their age and gender, and perhaps their viewing or online behavior. You’re working hard to develop a direct relationship with your viewers. And, for the most part, you probably only recently started implementing tactics that will help you capture more useful information about your audience that will enable you to engage with them in a relevant way. It's the nature of the business.

This may leave you in a difficult position. You want to reach your viewers and hopefully influence their behavior. But if you don’t have individual or household data in large enough numbers, your efforts may fall short. You need scale.

What has changed?
Creating a one-to-one addressable audience hasn't always been a primary goal for media and entertainment marketers. But a lot has changed in this industry in just a few short years. For one, the industry discovered the power of direct marketing. Second, the targeting and power of email marketing provided a new, efficient, low-cost and digital way to reach viewers. Capturing email addresses on websites created a pathway to personally identifiable information (PII). Third, online display campaigns amped up the digital component significantly. Some visitors to websites are known, but most are anonymous, and in much larger numbers.

Now, Over-The-Top (OTT) is advancing very quickly throughout the industry, and with it, another set of challenges to acquire and retain viewers/subscribers, at scale.

So how do you create a direct relationship with your viewer?
To increase your viewership, you need to learn how to not only identify your potential audience, but also grow the audience. If you don't know much more than age and gender, there are some gaps that you will need to fill in to make the connection with your audience. We can show you how.