Walgreen's Balance Rewards program shows what’s possible when strategy meets technology

Epsilon client Walgreens has made marketing headlines recently for their innovative Balance Rewards® loyalty platform. Just eight months after launch, the program boasts more than 100 million members. As a consumer, chances are you’re a member of the program which allows shoppers to earn and redeem points and receive price benefits while encouraging a healthy and active lifestyle.

This afternoon Walgreens hosted a webinar with Loyalty360, during which the Walgreens team shared their challenges and successes, discussed how they collaborate internally to make the program successful and showcased a few impressive results. Here are just some of the highlights from the webinar, all in 140 characters or less for your tweeting convenience.

The Importance of a Loyalty Program 

  • Why a loyalty program? So you can learn more about your customers to better anticipate their needs
  • The top 20% of customers generate 80% of sales for Walgreens
  • Customer data from loyalty programs can inform biz decisions such as pricing, assortment, product development & store format

The Set-up for Success

  • Collaboration is key. Many areas across the org collaborate to ensure success
  • Walgreens established a robust governance structure to ensure key stakeholder group collaboration
  • Technology and infrastructure are the underpinnings for @Walgreens’ Balance Rewards program
  • The Walgreens omnichannel world is supported by tech. Balance Rewards is communicated via email, social, in-store, online advertising, mobile & more
  • Loyalty program #tip from @Walgreens: it’s a marathon, not sprint

Key Metrics

  • Over 100 million have registered for Walgreens’ Balance Rewards since launch
  • Balance Rewards has been integrated into 9,000 Walgreens locations

Did you attend the webinar today? If so, share your highlights in the comments below.