Restarting her career

As part of crafting a diverse and inclusive work culture SheRises was introduced at Epsilon India. It is a career reboot program for women who are restarting their careers. This initiative was inspired by RestartHer, a career fair for women. Upon receiving hundreds of profiles from them, last year, SheRises began with the selection of ten talents for an internship program. The four-month-long internship was inclusive of personal development and professional training, followed by hands-on experience working on live projects. This initiative helped women reach their professional goals and four of them are now a part of Epsilon family. Here are their interesting stories:

“Return to work is liberating."  
Deepti M, QA Analyst, Sr.

Having taken a break at the prime of my career, I have set out to restart my professional life after 5 long years. It feels like going back to a bookmark of a half-read, favorite book.

Break is a means for a fresh start, a new perspective, a chance to look beyond yourself. Not everybody is so fortunate to take a break for a little soul searching, losing your innermost fear or understanding your strengths. Motherhood is one such thing which comes as a surprise package with a strong flavor of all these combined. I am more than lucky in that way. So, with my extended maternity break, having wandered off to the US, I got a chance to do some heavy parenting as a stay-at-home mom. A ground-breaking discovery about my disastrous culinary skills, few memorable road trips and a lifestyle photography hobby added to the joys of life.

While this journey took its course, there came a point, a thought of returning to my homeland, India. This decision was a game changer. Upon my return, I attended the SheRises program, organized by Epsilon and was excited to receive an internship for 4 months. First fortnight of upskilling was all about re-alignment, re-frame, relate and re-branding.

Epsilon’s flexible work culture has been much needed, without which juggling between work and home would have been much harder than I thought. I receive good guidance and support from my team and I’m happy to be part of an organization which is rich in culture and best in the industry.

"Re-igniting the passion for work."
Padmaja Isukapalli, Manager, Marketing Tech Delivery

I was on a break for 1.5 years from work before returning to my professional life at Epsilon India. I had to resign from a managerial post in a service-based IT company to take care of family. I decided to upskill myself and took a course in Data Science.

It was initially difficult to land an opportunity, but then, I participated in the SheRises program, which offered me an internship for four months. And now, Epsilon has received me well and given me ample opportunities and time to prove my mettle. I’m currently a marketing tech delivery manager here. The work culture is based on clear communication. Epsilon’s training programs help me strengthen my skills to align with the company strategy and company roadmap. If I asked my 9-year-old daughter to describe me now, she would say that I am an ambitious and a focused person filled with a ‘can-do’ attitude.

“Work-life balance is an art.”
Vanishri Sonnenahalli, Senior QA Analyst

Career and ambition have always been my priority in life. Motherhood changed my perspective and priorities in a big way. A little more than 5 years was dedicated towards the upbringing of my daughters. The challenges that have come along since, have been new learnings but the passion to be a successful working woman has never taken a back seat.

Returning to work after a long break was a difficult task. Epsilon has given me a second chance to hone my skills and excel at the same time, while making a difference to my family. As a working mother, I faced many challenges. But now, I’ve realized the importance of planning to maintain a good work-life balance since I participated in SheRises. It is a brilliant program for women like me who wish to get back to their careers after a break.

The best thing about Epsilon are the opportunities it offers. As a senior QA analyst, I am able to balance my work and personal life effortlessly. Regular interactions with senior management and their feedback gives me the guidance I need to adjust to this new work culture. Someday, I hope to inspire my daughters to become self-driven, patient and ready to take up responsibilities and manage them efficiently.

"Reuniting career goals to upskill"
Nupur Agarwal, QA Analyst

It was a struggle to return to work, as I was on an extended maternity break for 3.5 years. Initially, I just wanted to take care of my daughter and get back only when she was old enough to manage things on her own.

But eventually, I realized how much I was missing out. Later, SheRises boosted my career. Since I had worked in a different domain earlier in my career, new learnings here at Epsilon excited me the most. Well-planned trainings and mentorship programs have brought me up to speed at work.

Thanks to the flexibility I receive at Epsilon, I am able to take weekend piano classes… and plan short getaways with my daughter. I feel special to be able to take care of my family, enjoy work and explore this beautiful city as well.