Spring into improved data-driven marketing programs

Here in Colorado the ski season is winding down and Spring has sprung! Transformation is occurring as the flowers bloom, trees bud and the grass turns green. The Epsilon data team recently met with clients in our annual Client Advisory Forum and the conversations provided insightful tips to inspire data-driven marketing transformation. Consider these client-driven tips to kick off your Spring:

Evaluate and empower your internal teams: Ask yourself, “Have we hired the right people?” If you need to make changes, now is the time to do it. The success of your data marketing strategy begins inside an organization. And if you have the right team in place, empower them to help drive the success of your brand.

Optimize customer contacts: Create a personalization strategy that moves you one step closer to your goal of 1:1 marketing. Compliment your first party data with third party data to achieve a 360-degree customer view. If you have customers that purchase from multiple channels, understand their behavior and preferences across channels.

Think digitally: Embrace the digital channel and determine how to best leverage it to connect with the types of customers you’re trying to reach online and offline. For example, add more digital experiences in-store, implement voice ordering, optimize design platforms, and so on. Leveraging technology in new and different ways that makes sense for your brand will help you gain a competitive edge.

Keep the voice of the customer front and center: Knowing and understanding the voice of your customer is essential to curating and advancing your brand. Implement surveys, reviews, and social content to make it easy for customers to express their thoughts.

Don’t make attribution a struggle: Attribution is not something that’s going to be solved for overnight. Put a plan in place, determine how to scale for the future, create a dedicated team to manage attribution and make sure all ‘channel employees’ within your organization are working towards common goals. Keep things in perspective, and set incremental goals.

Be innovative: Create an environment in which you can be innovative – form an innovation team or committee, implement an innovation hub into your existing business model where employees can go and share innovative ideas.

So, whether you’re sprucing up your data marketing program for the Spring, or enhancing a data business strategy, always ask yourself ‘what’s the next big thing for our brand?’ and what strategic role does data play in this strategy. Understand your strengths as a brand and find the balance of what’s right and what’s best suited for another time or place. Don’t feel threatened by the speed of change; instead, embark on the journey. Set up your marketing programs to be adaptable to the changing needs of business, and the wants of your customers.

Happy Spring!