Success is better when you can actually see it

You should know by now that a people-centric approach to digital marketing is essential, from accurately recognizing your consumers to accruing knowledge of them in one view to delivering perfectly relevant ads.

It’s equally essential during the fourth leg of a campaign’s journey: measurement.

Measurement is no longer a nice-to-have. It's  a business imperative, and without these essentials — ongoing KPIs, cross-device/channel impact and financial metrics (such as ROI) — marketers can’t message effectively.

Need help in this area? You’re not alone. The IAB has found that nearly half (48.9%) of marketers will focus on better reporting, measurement or attribution this year, along with two other topics requiring a people-centric approach: cross-device recognition (69.6%) and more sophisticated targeting (52.2%).

By measuring against one view of each consumer, marketers can:

  1. Connect and attribute all cross-device, cross-channel activity back to the right person (for example, when they view an ad on one device and convert on another).
  2. Connect people to their offline transactions, to see when they convert in-store after viewing an ad.

If something else is at the center of measurement efforts — like clicks — then these pieces fall apart. Many clicks are accidental or fraudulent, and they don’t allow marketers to view activity across devices and channels. By keeping people at the center, no activity is lost, and marketers have accurate, person-level insights to build and optimize from.

Here are some examples of how people-centric measurement can work for different campaigns:

Incremental_Sales_Lift  Incremental Sales Lift – Online and Offline

A school-supply store wanted to reach its direct-mail customers on digital. We activated their offline list and reached those consumers online with personalized messages. Via test-and-control, we counted all conversions, both online (across devices) and offline, measuring a 48% incremental lift.

Brand_Lift  Brand Lift

A beverage brand wanted to drive brand lift via targeted display ads. By measuring coupon downloads across devices, we saw a 5.6% lift in brand awareness and a 17.3% lift in purchase intent. We also measured the target audience’s offline purchases and found 4.2 million attributable store visits.

Is measurement one of the areas you’ve flagged for improvement this year?