The 8,000 people who make Epsilon and Conversant (and advertising) great

As the American Association of Advertising Agencies (4A’s) reflects on the past 100 years of advertising, celebrating the people, organizations and ideas that drove the industry forward, I’m proud of Epsilon/Conversant’s strong heritage and our ability to leverage the power of data, technology IP, analytics and creative to deliver outcomes for our clients.

Epsilon has been building the broad set of capabilities required to compete and deliver for clients in the era of data-driven marketing for nearly 50 years. As such, we naturally see the evolution of marketing services as more of a marathon than a sprint. It’s not just about assembling the right pieces in a world that has become pretty complex, but it is also about finding ways to introduce simplicity in the face of that complexity, and doing so in such a way that everything comes together to drive real, measurable business results.

Over the past decade virtually every channel has become addressable thanks to the rise of devices, the drop in the cost of technology, the proliferation of new marketing channels and material changes in consumer behavior and consumer expectations. The shift to addressable means a rich agency assignment today looks nothing like it did years ago. A data-sciences approach to advertising is now a core competency that agencies, consultancies and strategic service providers must be ready to deliver on. Epsilon grew up with a strong DNA in both data and marketing technology – two pieces of the modern equation that are vital to delivering for clients and achieving sustainable success. Our hard-earned experience in these disciplines gave us a head start in the world of addressable marketing - particularly, because of our deep heritage in the loyalty space, where realtime communication across channels and data-powered personalization have always been table stakes. And as advertising has moved our way we’ve methodically and strategically built on that head start to add assets that keep pace with the needs of the modern CMO. 

Epsilon was one of the first-movers towards innovating the way marketing communications, data, digital and technology converge to drive the new frontier of advertising and it’s why we are uniquely positioned to deliver for clients on this premise. And now, with the digital powerhouse that Conversant brings to the table, we are programmatically able to deliver millions of personalized creative permeations, based on context, rich behavioral profiles, and transaction-driven insights, with digital advertising that ensures every advertisement is relevant, and unique for the consumer, while delivering measurable return for the advertiser.

Our “special sauce” is working. Over the last few years, Epsilon been named a leader for its email and loyalty offerings and named a Digital-Centric Lead Agency for our ability to drive development of brand experience, creative strategy and omnichannel campaign planning across both traditional and digital channels. Clients like Volvo, KeyBank and GNC, among many others, have turned to Epsilon for our data-driven marketing, technology and advertising expertise. I believe our position as the #1 U.S. Agency from All Disciplines for six consecutive years, according to Ad Age, is a good indicator that we’re able to successfully deliver for clients through digital transformation. 

Technological prowess aside, what makes this entire industry exceptional and drives its transformation is the people - those who day-in and day-out bring innovative ideas to the table and execute on behalf of clients. I have the good fortune of leading 8,000 of these talented people across Epsilon and Conversant during a particularly transformative era in advertising. Now and in the future, this industry will always be about people and assembling the best team to help clients grow. Thank you to the Epsilon and Conversant associates across the globe who make our industry and our company great. You challenge me every day and drive our business forward.