The sad truth about most ads — and what to do about it

An ad might not always drive a conversion — but you should at least feel secure in knowing that it was actually seen. Surprisingly, most display ads in the marketplace aren’t. A comScore study across billions of impressions found that only 46% of all digital ads are viewable.

Why so low? There are several reasons, including:

  • Variable screens. On a phone or small monitor, you may not see the full webpage.
  • Load times. Sometimes an ad doesn’t have time to load before a user moves on.
  • Publisher labels. Publishers’ metadata may have incorrect labels for ad units.
  • Ad Fraud. Many ads are seen just fine — only not by humans.

So, how do you solve for these? The first step is realizing that you can't just solve viewability on its own. You need to approach the problem holistically, addressing all of the issues that affect Ad Quality — viewability, brand safety and ad fraud — together. Done correctly, you'll maximize your impressions and incremental return on ad spend.