Think you know your customers? Odds are, you don’t.

If digital marketers want to make an impact, they know they need to recognize their customers across all their devices and channels, in order to deliver consistent, compelling experiences.

I’m not just saying that. Econsultancy’s latest report, cosponsored by Conversant and Epsilon, found that 86% of marketers prioritize giving their customers integrated experiences. 75% say it’s vital to their companies’ growth.


In order to achieve this long-term recognition at the individual level, marketers need access to customer profiles that are broad, accurate and persistent. Many digital vendors promise to do this. But even the marketers that think they’re getting it right are getting it wrong.

43% of companies believe they connect consumer data to persistent profiles, for one single, consistent customer view. Only 12% are actually doing it, and only 5% are connecting offline sales to the profiles. They don’t have the in-house capabilities. And they’re not partnering with vendors that can fulfill their promises.


Which group does your company fall into? Sorry to say, the odds are you’re either getting it wrong and you know it, or you’re getting it wrong and you don’t know it.

And getting it right is essential. With an ongoing single view of each customer, you’ll increase your effectiveness throughout the whole marketing program. You’ll recognize the right consumers to target; accurately reach them across their devices and channels; serve them relevant, personalized messaging; and close the loop with cross-channel measurement.

To see all of the findings and learn how to get on the path to true one-to-one customer relationships, download the report: Customer Recognition: How Marketing is Failing at its Top Priority.