Healthcare marketing: Evolving the sphere of influence

Healthcare professionals (HCPs) are a busy bunch, even more time and resource constrained than your average marketer.  Being an effective marketer in today’s hectic pharma-world requires a finely balanced equation that is part data science and part art. These two pieces together must allow you to understand how to interpret and translate said data into something meaningful, through art, in a way that actually influences clinical decisions. When combined, these solutions can move a brand’s yardsticks towards that elusive TRx Touchdown . So what data and information actually matters?

The answer is always – It Depends.  What we know is, the better that we are able to understand our customers as professionals, influencers, consumers and goal-driven individuals the better we can deliver the type of insight required to assist in making meaningful decisions on where to invest scarce marketing funds.

Data models can help pharma marketers better understand their HCP audiences.

There are several organizations that make available lists of records describing prescribing behaviors among HCP audiences allowing various forms of longitudinal and predictive models to be built.  The best models also look at several different attitudinal dimensions to layer on top of the behavior data to start to pull together a more illustrative and comprehensive view of our customers – habits, likes, dislikes, triggers, etc.  An emerging area of insight to our customer has been gaining traction and is becoming an integral part of our science + art formula – the HCPs sphere of influence.

Lots of organizations have been dabbling in this space for years trying to identify the “most influential” or key opinion leaders (KOLs) among target audiences in an effort to focus on and tap in to sphere of influence and ride the coat tails of ongoing peer to peer communications and lectures…and they should be. But getting the sphere correct is critical.  The degree of complexity for influence analysis has been making progress accordingly.

Epsilon recently launched MDNexus, which is a powerful marketing solution that identifies influence networks and mines observed engagement behavior to discern providers’ channel and content preferences bringing our understanding of our HCP customer to new levels of clarity.  The solution looks beyond disparate peer solution offerings in the marketplace and identifies provider networks, research/publication activities and affiliations—as well as mining observed engagement behavior—to help you communicate at the right time, with the right content and in the right channel.  This allows us to serve our customers, potential or loyal, to new degrees of personalization and strike a firm and organized balance in the science + art formula or marketing.  Want to know more?  Learn more about MD Nexus here.