Proof that you shouldn’t worry about over promotion

We all know that what and when to promote are major marketing considerations. But the who and how often are right up there too. Especially for those doing physical mailings, how do you know if you’re sending too many? Is it possible to over promote?

What if the whole over promotion concept is a myth?

This is something to look at with a different point of view than what you may have considered in the past. We’ve found that as long as you’re targeting the right people, more promotions actually mean stronger results.

Want proof?

A high-end home décor company sent a catalog in November – actively promoting to those records that consistently qualify for a co-op prospecting model.

The results: People who received the catalog 36 or more times had the highest dollar per book and the highest response rate. In this case, more was better because it allowed the time to build brand awareness with the prospects and the need.

over promotion

For more examples and some considerations on managing your lists, check out the e-book, Worried about exhausting your list? Know the right number of mailings to send.

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