Driving response through creativity in email marketing

Email generates more than 25% of a brand's revenue according to research from The Relevancy Group.The targeted personalization and timeliness that’s possible through the channel encourages consumers to interact with brands. And email marketers continue to use new and different ways to engage subscribers in the inbox. Live (or adaptive content) and animation have proven results in driving action. According to Litmus, the use of animation in email yields up to a 26% lift in engagement.

We recently looked at trends in email tactics and creative and compiled a look book of some of our favorite emails. One tactic that stood out was the use of live content:

As a New England football fan, I look forward to the Patriots games throughout the season.Last fall, I received an email from the NFL counting down (to the second) to the Patriots versus Steelers kickoff. Included in the email, was a call to action to “set your season reminders” for your favorite upcoming games, featured NFL specials and documentaries on ESPN, etc. This live content brings the email message to life and encourages engagement.

Email marketers are continuing to enhance their creative features with the use of animation, adaptive/live content, video and interactive. As you do the same, think about what you can do to take your email marketing to the next level. Always take a proactive approach. Test your ideas, and keep tabs on what your peers are doing and what email marketers are doing in other industries.

Other key insights we found:

  • Selective cross-selling references provide very attractive lift opportunities targeted using actual product purchase associations.
  • Clean, simple creative, along with clear CTAs, improve both focus and response. As always, effective mobile rendering is critical.
  • Embedding animation within the email is another strong engagement driver, especially when demonstrating product features.
  • Personalizing offers to known consumers’ locations or interests improves response, goodwill and retention.