What’s trending in email creative?

New technology and fewer restrictions by ISPs have made email a more dynamic, interactive and engaging channel than ever before. It’s also opened the door to new creative potential within the channel. How are retailers taking advantage of new technology and reinventing old tricks when it comes to email creative?

  1. The preview pane

As more and more emails are opened on mobile, the preview pane has become an asset regardless of device or email client. We’re seeing marketers play close attention to these important pixels, and placing the mostcompellinginformation in their email communications, including a bullet proof call-to-action (CTA) in the first 300x300 pixels to ensure it gets noticed and entices the subscribers to scroll.

  1. Time of open content

Enhance your email creative and drive engagement by delivering personalized experiences that provide instantly relevant content based on time, location, weather, device and behavior every time your email is opened - real-time content can impact your CTR by up to 40%.

  1. Modular creative

By creating a modular email architecture system retailers are saving up to 40% effort on future development and design, allowing them to build ad hoc emails quickly and efficiently.

  1. Balancing act (text to image ratio)

Ensuring creative leverages an 80/20 or 60/40 balance of text to image ratio for the overall layout is key. In addition, it’s important to use defensive design techniques for mail clients that block images by default. To combat this be sure to use alt text and even stylized alt text to ensure your message is viewed, even when images are off.

Who’s doing it right?

Sephora is connecting the email creative dots – take a look at one of their Valentine’s Day promotions.  Their attention grabbing subject line: "8 products we love + 3x points" features a glyph and incentive to open the email.  Once opening the email the preview pane re-promotes the subject line and features a complementary offer for their loyalty program members. But what stands out the most about this campaign is the S curve design that effectively guides readers down the email while creating a sense of urgency around new, exclusive, limited edition products.

Hopefully you have some ideas to help guide your future campaigns. Good luck!