If a video plays and nobody sees it, does it still make an impact?

Question: If your video message doesn’t reach the right people, everywhere they watch, what does it achieve for you?

Answer: Nothing.

Without the crucial steps of identifying and reaching your target audience on their screens of choice, your campaign has no impact.

That’s why you can’t just run your ad on TV and call it a day. Fewer and fewer people are watching live TV. In the last year alone, TV viewing dropped 7% among 18–34-year-olds.

Even if you do reach the right people with TV, you can’t be sure they’re even paying attention: 72% of TV viewers multitask while they watch. To truly get them to notice, you need to deliver your message across all their (average 3.4) devices and (average 2.9) TVs, accurately and at scale.

That’s why we take TV data and amplifies it with our own person-level, online and offline data to reach the right consumers no matter what screen they’re watching. Because we intelligently use all the privacy-protected data at our disposal, our partners are confident that we reach their target consumers on all the devices they use, and that their message is delivered on the right screens, at the right time, in a measurable way.

For example, here are results we drove for two of our partners:

Car Manufacturer

Using second-by-second in-language viewership data via our partnership with one of the country’s largest TV providers, we found hard-to-reach audiences who were high-propensity targets for native language content. Then we boosted the brand’s TV campaign across the target audience’s devices using in-language personalized video ads.

  • 37% incremental lift among a highly qualified audience
  • 23% engagement rate
  • Campaign results were used to inform future TV buys

Movie Studio

Using genre and actor-level TV viewership combined with our audiences and purchase data, we targeted people with a high affinity for crime thrillers. Then we delivered ads across their devices to drive ticket sales within the opening weeks.

  • 15-to-1 return on ad spend
  • 3x more ticket sales than demographic targeting alone