How do you use tech to win customers?

Many marketers struggle to achieve customer relationship goals.

But if they want to win customers, they need to form an emotional connection with each of them.

In a recent study, Epsilon-Conversant and The CMO Club surveyed hundreds of digital marketing leaders and found that only 15% are confident they know their customers well, based on data that ties together online and offline activities and purchases. But 61% said their top digital marketing strategy is to build customer relationships.

“We need to adjust to the multi-channel consumer. Somebody engaged with you in digital, they’ve engaged with you at the retail store level, they’ve engaged with you maybe in a call center. How do you holistically have a picture of what that engagement looks like and get back to the opportunity of furthering the conversation? And how do I bring that to the next conversation I’m going to have with that customer?” said Patrick McLean, EVP & CMO of TD Bank.

The study identified 5 ways CMOs use technology to meet their customer relationship goals:

  1. Form an emotional connection with each customer.
  2. Reach customers where they want to engage.
  3. Bring customers the most relevant message, every time.
  4. Measure your marketing.
  5. Do it all at scale.