Why data is a key component of micro- moment marketing

Marketers talk a lot about micro-moments these days. Micro-moments are the individual inflection points within a consumer’s everyday life. When marketers bring data, technology and creative together to message to customers in ‘those moments’ it drives long-term success for brands. With consumers experiencing 150+ micro-moments daily, marketers at the recent NEMOA directXchange conference discussed how data is integral to capitalizing on these opportunities to make meaningful customer connections.

Data fuels our knowledge of consumers. It provides us with the intelligence to communicate effectively at every stage of the customer journey. Marketers who understand the benefits of micro-moment marketing personalize all communications and capture the emotion of consumers in ‘their moment’.  And there are so many moments to connect on. Think about the number of decision moments consumers confront even during a furniture purchase: “What is the funcitionality I'm looking for?  Will it fit the current aesthetics of my home? Should I buy online or direct?  Is financing an option?" – Connecting with consumers in real time is key to helping them navigate these questions and concerns. And, technology is a fundamental component in executing these real time communications, especially the mobile platform.

Each year we read about the proliferation of mobile device usage and how it’s hit an all-time high. What’s also important to recognize with mobile is how consumers ‘rely’ on their mobile phones for task-based needs. 91% of consumers turn to their phones for ideas in the middle of a task. So during the ‘task-based moments,’ marketers can seek these as opportunities to connect with consumers in their moment of interest. With the retailers in attendance at NEMOA and the discussions around the benefits of micro-marketing, Sephora (the beauty retailer) comes to mind. While in store, Sephora learned that their customers are looking for product reviews, trying to recall ‘the shades’ they previously purchased, etc. To fulfill on these needs, Sephora developed a mobile website app with the functionality to serve customers during these moments. They can push relevant communications and offers to customers based on past purchase history, the items they’re currently reviewing, etc. Bridget Dolan, Vice President of Sephora’s Innovation Lab stated, “For Sephora, finding out more about our customers’ intent within the in-store context allowed us to be there more meaningfully on mobile, in their moment.”

So remember, with micro-moment marketing, timing is essential and the ‘marriage’ of data and technology is a must. Stay relevant and make the moment special.