Yes, true 1:1 marketing really is possible

The word “personalization” has come to define anything even remotely targeted or customized. Marketers want to reach consumers at the person level, minimizing the irrelevance and redundancy of their messages—but when they put their trust in so-called personalization solutions, they end up disappointed.

One issue is that marketers often try to solve one-to-one marketing with point solutions, combining a DMP, DSP, media buyer and data onboarder. This hurts their campaigns on a number of different levels: It reduces their overall audience size, it drives matches only at the household or browser level (not the person level), and it makes it hard to persistently connect with their audience over time. The promise of personalization ends with unactionable, inaccurate connections with too few consumers.

We are more careful with our words. When we say “personalization,” we don’t mean anything less than true, one-to-one marketing at scale. Which we define as:

Recognizing, reaching and staying connected to a sizable number of individuals whom you know a lot about, through meaningful, ongoing conversations in real time, and being able to learn and optimize as you go.

Broken down from left to right, what we’re really talking about is mastering four distinct essentials: Recognition & Reach; Individualized Profiles; Decisioning & Delivery; and Measurement & Insights.

When a solution excels in all of these, marketers can confidently engage a large number of consumers with unique, compelling messages across all of their devices, channels and media formats.