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      Make every message on purpose, with a purpose

      Our digital messaging solution helps you create deeply personal, highly relevant emails for all your customers.

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      Know your customers

      Understand each customer's behavior, motivations and preferences. Agility Harmony brings together your customers’ online and offline worlds in real time, creating a single profile that gives you all the information you need to create unique, personal conversations across their channels and devices.


      Personalize your messages

      Deliver the most relevant content, offers and images to each person, for meaningful interactions across email, mobile, SMS, push and display. Agility Harmony is the only platform that automates personalization at scale, for millions of unique conversations. Every component of every message can be personalized: audience, content, offer, timing, location, device, recommendations, subject line, sequencing and more.


      Learn and optimize

      Evolve how you interact with your customers as their needs change. Agility Harmony’s adaptive machine learning environment is built to process Epsilon’s deep customer insight, including our billions of daily observations of customer actions, online and offline. You’ll learn what each person responds to, and you’ll factor these real-time observations into every marketing decision you make.


      Measure the impact

      Know the impact of every customer interaction, so you can continuously optimize your conversations to drive real business outcomes. With Agility Harmony, you’ll understand your performance and have the transparent reporting you need to measure performance against all your goals.

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      Delivering the customized experiences customers want and expect


      Dynamic campaign creative in emails to drive client activation

      Your Strategic Partner



      Agility Harmony gives you everything you need to define your objectives, then execute and optimize your campaign to achieve exceptional results. You’ll identify the right customers from among millions; pinpoint the best moments to connect; know your customers’ preferred devices; send personalized messages that inspire action; measure performance against your campaign goals; and make adjustments to increase your success.



      No email program is ever really final. With Agility Harmony, you’ll measure campaign-specific metrics to understand the impact of every customer interaction and see how your campaign performs against your goals. We’ll provide you with benchmarks and actionable recommendations so you can continuously optimize customer connections and maximize future efforts.


      Creative & design

      The right platform is important, but you can’t achieve true personalization without the right experience and know-how. Our award-winning creative team applies years of experience to deliver beautifully designed and engaging cross-channel messages, always unique for each customer’s needs, that represent your brand and deliver powerful results.


      Campaign management

      Today’s consumers expect a seamless, relevant experience with your brand. That’s why flawless execution is our top priority. You can count on the Agility Harmony team to manage the most critical components of your campaign, from segmentation to HTML coding to quality assurance.


      Account management

      Your success is our success. We’re wholly dedicated to ensuring that your customer connections are valuable and profitable. With the industry’s highest ratio of account managers to clients, we’re well equipped to manage your performance across multiple channels, including emails, mobile and push.



      Get peace of mind and the freedom to focus on creating the strongest customer experiences. We’ll proactively monitor your inbox performance and identify potential challenges before they become harmful to your brand’s reputation—one less thing for you to worry about.

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      Epsilon Agility Harmony is a digital email and mobile messaging platform that enables personalized, relevant conversations between you and your customers. You’ll connect with them on an individual level across all their digital devices and channels in the moments that matter most.

      Epsilon Agility Harmony is a complete marketing solution. Dedicated to giving you everything you need to find, engage, convert, retain and grow the very best customers for your organization.