Unleash the
power of personalization

Epsilon Agility Harmony® puts the power of personalization at your fingertips, helping you connect with customers on an individual level. More than just an email platform, Agility Harmony consistently receives high ranks for service and client satisfaction and delivers powerful and engaging experiences for both you and your customers.

Engage individuals across channels

Agility Harmony supports real-time campaign execution and enables you to personalize content and offers to each individual, not just a segment. Deliver engaging and relevant marketing experiences via email, SMS, mobile push, display media and more, consistent across channels and optimized for the ideal send time and device.

1:1 personalization at scale

Capitalizing on Epsilon’s depth of customer insight and experience in machine learning, Agility Harmony is built to process billions of decisions in minutes, using 7,000+ profile attributes. Easy access to demographics, geo-location, device targeting, online behavior and purchase history empowers you to create millions of personalized experiences in real time and at scale. Harmony even monitors customer responses and behavior to inform the next personalized experience.

More than just a platform

The right platform is important, but experience and know-how are key to delivering on the promise of 1:1 personalization. We surround clients with the industry’s top talent in strategy, analytics, creative, technology integration and more. Your dedicated account team focuses on helping you maximize your return on investment and achieve the best possible outcomes.

Built for enterprise marketers

Agility Harmony is an open platform built explicitly for multichannel execution. It’s not limited by partially integrated applications acquired from other vendors. No legacy applications or required workarounds, and no roadblocks to development and innovation. Harmony is built from the ground up using a modern architecture that integrates seamlessly with your existing systems and data sources—today and in the future.

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