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    It’s the first step in marketing, and the most important one: identifying your customers. We’ll help you identify every customer, online & offline—immediately, persistently and while keeping privacy at the forefront. With deep insight into who your customers are and how they interact with your brand across all devices and channels, you’ll power more relevant conversations, accurately measure your multichannel campaigns and create efficiencies by eliminating duplicate profiles from your database.

    Benefits for marketers


    Match and enhance your data

    Accurate matching, when paired with superior hygiene methods, allows you to find and correct up to 50% more of your customers’ addresses. With our blend of proprietary referential and third-party data, you’ll achieve the industry’s most accurate identity matching, and you’ll persistently identify your customers for longer.


    Bridge your online and offline data

    When you partner with Epsilon to accurately connect your customers’ online and offline worlds, your duplicate customer IDs will decrease by an average of 12%. And you’ll gain insight into customers’ website visits and ad impressions, broken down by device type. All of the data aligns within our privacy-protected environments, so you’ll be sure that your customers’ personally identifiable information (PII) stays protected.


    Know your customers better

    With a clear, accurate understanding of each customer, your interactions with them will be more meaningful and relevant. Because when you get identity right, all the marketing decisions that follow it downstream will be smarter, more flexible and more precise—across the entire customer journey, including your emails, loyalty messaging and other channels.


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    Many marketers and industry experts discuss the importance of identity resolution and how it’s the key to marketing success in an increasingly digital driven customer landscape. What is commonly overlooked is how the offline or PII data can help unlock a true single customer view and help better fuel online recognition.

    Addressing gaps in offline customer data and maintaining its accuracy are critical to online identity and can make the difference in accurately aligning most of your customer identities vs a small subset, or worse, inaccurately identifying customers altogether.

    Aligning clean, validated customer data is imperative to online customer recognition. When onboarded, it can increase your ability to recognize and align individuals in your database to online identities. Optimizing this process will extend your reach, help you truly know your customers across all channels, and help you bridge the gap between online and offline recognition.