Agility Unite

      Create meaningful connections with your customers when and where it matters most

      Agility Unite™ , our multichannel marketing platform, consolidates and integrates the features and functionality typically found in standalone marketing tools and nonintegrated marketing clouds. With Agility Unite, you’ll spend more time marketing and eliminate the need to manage a complex integration of multiple databases, identities and applications.

      Benefits for marketers

      Create the most valuable customer connections possible


      Recognize and delight each customer, every time

      Agility Unite offers unrivaled online & offline identity resolution, so you’ll confidently connect with each customer, regardless of channel. With customer data integration (CDI) across all systems, channels and external sources, you’ll get a detailed profile of each person and how they interact with your brand. You’ll instantly recognize them across their channels and devices, and you’ll have relevant, meaningful conversations that last a lifetime.


      Maximize your returns with the best data

      The embedded data insights from Agility Unite give you far deeper understanding than ever before about who your customers are, what they care about and how they buy. After working with our Data Onboarding team, you’ll benefit from additional opportunities for data ingestion, standardization and validation. And with the ability to add in your customers’ non-PII digital behavior, you’ll have everything you need in one place.


      Partner with experts committed to your success

      We don't sell software tools and run away. Our team of experts is always available to ensure you’re getting the most from your tech investment. We’ve worked with thousands of brands like yours to improve their agility and efficiency. Using a roadmap built for your unique business goals, our experts will combine decades of experience with best-in-class platforms to deliver the ideal solution for you.


      Use a solution that’s tailored to your industry

      Every industry has its own unique challenges and benchmarks for success. Whether you’re in retail, financial services, automotive, travel or another industry, we’ll tailor our platform to meet your specific marketing needs. With 50 years of experience in building solutions across verticals, we offer pre-built packages designed to address your particular needs, challenges and goals.


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      Learn more about the Agility Unite components: 


      Agility Unite helps you identify your customers online and offline to create a single source of truth for customer identity. First, we combine your customer data with Epsilon’s unparalleled data hygiene for the highest quality identity matching. Then we augment your known customers with online data and behavioral activity on your properties across all their devices, giving you a more complete picture of how they interact with your brand. You’ll achieve immediate, persistent customer identification across devices and channels better than ever before.


      Agility Unite gives you seamless access to Epsilon’s proprietary consumer insights, allowing you to know your customers beyond your brand. Epsilon’s top-performing consumer data is embedded within Agility Unite, offering person-level insights on 200+ million individuals, including demographics, lifestyle, interests, vehicle information and spend behavior. Our data mart includes predictive and intelligent models such as cross-sell, attrition and acquisition—allowing you to analyze by vertical. Use these new insights and unprecedented intelligence to build smarter audiences and reach your goals.


      Once you align your customers’ identities, enhance their records with additional insights and create better segments, Agility Unite allows you to activate them across the channels that matter most to you. Because the most popular and relevant channels are integrated into the platform, you’ll orchestrate all your marketing though a seamless workflow without having to manually move your data. It’s never been easier to deliver relevant messages.


      Agility Unite provides a transparent view into your known customers’ journeys, across their offline and online interactions. Through multichannel attribution, you’ll identify which marketing touchpoints were most influential to a sale, and you’ll get actionable insights to measure and maximize your return on marketing investment (ROMI).


      At Epsilon, we deliver software with service. We have years of marketing expertise combined with best-in-class data and technology to deliver a comprehensive, integrated solution. Wherever you need support and expertise, we’ll provide the talent and experience to achieve success. And our quick implementation allows you to start using this solution in a fraction of the time usually needed.