Providing marketers with the power to know more,
do more and expect more from their data

Data that’s protected, relevant, actionable and connectable.

No one wants to hear that their data is a mess. But in reality, it’s often incomplete, unverified and difficult to use. To succeed, you need data that’s transparent, verifiable and trustworthy, giving you a 360-degree view of each customer as they move along the path to purchase. 


Our proprietary data assets encompass an unprecedented amount of consumer insight to inform audience development: 

  • More transactional data for marketing purposes than any other company
  • An industry-leading compiled file with insights on virtually every U.S. consumer spanning demographics, lifestyles and interests, vehicle information and more
  • Proprietary consumer survey data with unique interest and behavioral information

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Transactional Data

Purchase data is the best indicator of future buying behavior. We offer the most transactional data available for marketing purposes. From the industry's first cooperative database, Abacus®, to our exclusive, multi-sourced dataset, MarketViewTM, we have volumes of highly predictive purchase data to develop the audiences most likely to respond to your offers.

Learn more about each of our transactional data products.

Demographic and Lifestyle Data

With coverage of virtually every U.S. household, our industry-leading consumer file, TotalSource Plus®, provides extensive data that spans demographics, lifestyles, spend behavior and beyond. Robust, person-level data shows you how consumers spend their time and money, so you can reach them in the most insightful ways across all channels.

Learn how Faraday used our data assets to increase their model validation accuracy.

Self-reported Data

With our Shopper's Voice® product, you'll get unique insights you won't find anywhere else, directly from tens of millions of consumers across the U.S. and Canada. Our proprietary survey database spans 1,000 data points, including product preferences, attitudes and psychographic indicators. Respondents are opted-in, highly responsive and available for you to reach across channels.

Learn how Nature’s Way used custom survey results to create targeted messaging, leading to a successful new product launch.