Data sources

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Strong marketing is rooted in strong data—and not all data is created equal. We've spent decades capturing and cultivating diverse data to provide the deepest consumer insight available. Our thorough compilation process ensures that our data is ethically sourced and verified by multiple sources. Just as important, we continually invest in assessing and evolving our data sourcing and compilation processes to ensure the best product that delivers the best results.

We take data quality very seriously. Before adding any new source to our databases, we perform a comprehensive evaluation that calculates key measures of data coverage, accuracy and predictive power. And we incorporate several ongoing study methods to ensure accuracy, including surveys and third-party benchmark studies. That’s one reason our consumer database is ranked #1 in the industry, according to a third-party quality audit.

Data sources

Public records
Data from sources such as voter registration files, phone books, deeds and permits
Self-reported data from 20 million households; largest custom survey in North America
Data from sources such as magazine publishers, catalog purchasers, warranty cards and B2B
Real transactional data on competitive/channel spend and category purchases

Protect and respect data

Epsilon data is available for use offline and online. It’s sourced from multiple partners, public sources and directly from consumers. In regard to data for online use, we work with providers to get contractual assurances that the data may be used broadly for marketing purposes. When we source data directly from consumers via Shopper’s Voice, we give notice about the data we collect and the intended use in our privacy policy, and obtain consumers’ opt-in consent to the policy.

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