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Drive consumer connections throughout the ownership journey.

The evolution of the digital landscape has greatly affected automotive buying journeys. Consumers have choices, research before purchase, socialize for peer feedback and make primary buying decisions well before engaging a dealer. In this environment, effectiveness is less about pushing ads and more about drawing consumers in, giving them delightful experiences, then connecting them.

Epsilon will help you create exceptional customer experiences at the intersection of the digital and physical world. Our Epsilon Automotive Solution connects with consumers and engages them wherever they are in their ownership journey with relationship, influence and availability. We align the customer, vehicle and dealer in a way that personalizes the experience across channels, so it’s relevant to each individual.

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“Epsilon truly partners with us to achieve success for our dealers as well as our internal stakeholders.”

– Director of Marketing, major automotive brand


Turbocharge your marketing and sales through new approaches to data-driven marketing.

Epsilon leverages strategy, data, analytics and world-class execution to help B2B leaders drive higher return on marketing investments (ROMISM  ) and far more market impact.

We expertly deliver near-term effects while focusing on helping leaders achieve their longer-term goals. Whether through formal account-based marketing or through more targeted approaches to technology, content, sales enablement and marketing execution, Epsilon partners with clients on the digital transformation of marketing across people, process, technology and data.

“Working with Epsilon, we identified new audiences that outperformed prior ones by 40-78%, dramatically reducing wasted marketing spend that we could finally apply to new activities.” 

– Marketing VP, Global Logistic Company


Build ownable 1:1 relationships with data and digital.

In today’s digital world, consumer expectations are changing rapidly. To stay competitive, brands need to be available and authentic, ever-mindful that consumers are in control. The necessity for individualized, personal experiences is an absolute must for leading marketers to compete.

Epsilon works with you to deliver superior consumer experiences in a consumer-first, insight-driven, omnichannel ecosystem. Our strategic and consulting services help you understand how and when to take critical steps to build strong consumer connections. Our industry-leading, proprietary data products and expertise allow you to create a deeper understanding of your consumer on an individual level. And our database, loyalty and omnichannel messaging platforms provide tools for intelligent personalization to keep the consumer at the center of everything you do.

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“Epsilon has always been great about bringing us opportunities for growth. We can think future-forward: not just the here and now.”

– Global Director, Marketing IT, CPG

Financial Services

Drive acquisition and deepen relationships with relevant experiences.

Focused on outcomes, not on fads or buzzwords, Epsilon helps our financial services clients grow their base of credit card, deposit, loan, payment and investment customers.

Epsilon’s solutions can build your customer experiences unlike anyone else. Our approach creates relevancy and engagement by identifying, integrating and leveraging the data profile behind the insights to deliver the right messages with the right frequency in the right channel.

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“The Epsilon team has been instrumental in guiding our long term strategic vision.”

– Senior Executive, Customer Offers and Targeting, Top 5 Bank


Deliver the connected experience your customers expect.

As a marketer in today’s healthcare industry, you need to engage your customers with relevant, connected and meaningful “information therapy.” You need a message that resonates, informs and advises at every step of the journey.

From integrated solution design to marketing services, Epsilon will help you reach your goals and accelerate your time to value. Multi-disciplinary experience is the backbone of our 285+ strong team of life science marketers and medical experts. With our in-depth industry knowledge, we tackle the challenges that face you and your customers and work with you to build connections that stand out in today’s noisy world.

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“Our Epsilon team, from digital strategy to campaign operations, are valued partners who share our vision, inform our strategy and contribute to our success.”

– Executive Director, Global Multi-Channel Marketing, Pharmaceutical


Build trust and positive outcomes through contextual relevance.

Epsilon recognizes the disruptive trends affecting the insurance industry. We help our clients exploit these trends with solutions that differentiate their offerings by bringing together online and offline data, providing state-of-the-art analytics, making and executing real-time decisions, and then cultivating the best possible reach.

Epsilon is exceptionally qualified to help our Insurance clients embrace the new paradigm of “insurance company as service provider.” We drive contextually relevant interactions and right-time dialogue with customers and prospects that empower clients to build trust and drive business outcomes in an increasingly competitive marketplace.

“The alliance was an overwhelming success…[as] what we produced turned out to be all that we had hoped for—sophisticated, actionable and indeed impactful.”

– Corporate VP, Director, Insurance Research

Media & Entertainment

Grow your audience, engagement and revenue with data and personalized marketing.

Entertainment marketing is getting more complex, with fragmented audiences and competition from new platforms. We’ll help you navigate it—increasing engagement and earning more revenue through the lifecycle of your IP.

With robust data on every audience member, you’ll understand who they are, what media they consume, where they consume it, what they buy and how they engage with you and your advertisers. This is actionable viewership and transaction data at a scale you won’t find anywhere else. And with our intelligence platform, you’ll deliver personalized messages at the best times on all channels (online and offline) that drive audience members to your and your advertisers’ goals.

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“Epsilon is the expert in viewer profiling and audience modeling. They helped us develop a custom process to reach our fans and maximize outcomes that matter to us.”

– SVP, Media Strategy & Analytics, Major TV and Media Network


Create a frictionless, engaging customer experience to build long-term loyalty.

It’s an exciting time for restaurant marketers. The revolution in technology and automation enables enhanced customer knowledge and a growing number of purchase channels. But with the increase of non-traditional competition, it’s critical to reduce purchase friction for consumers.

Epsilon has unmatched insights into your guests’ habits, lifestyles and life stages. Our industry experts and proven technology empower your marketing programs to successfully acquire, activate, retain and grow loyalty with your best customers. We’ll help you to improve your customer experience beyond the table stakes of each transaction and excel with a personalized brand story.

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“We were impressed with Epsilon’s leadership in the loyalty space, real-time capabilities, and excellent ratings by third-party reviewers.”

– Scott Hudler, VP Global Consumer Engagement, Dunkin’ Brands


Increase ROI with stronger customer connections.

Retailers that can connect their customers’ digital and physical worlds will lead the industry. Epsilon is uniquely positioned to help you drive that connection.

We can see your customers’ behaviors online and offline, identify intent to purchase, develop personalized communication and measure the results. We have the comprehensive data, retail codified architecture and proven intelligence to create a one-of-a-kind experience that drives purchases for every customer, not just a segment. We make it possible for our retail clients to transcend organizational limitations and achieve measurable ROI for every marketing dollar they spend.

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“We’ve seen our customer retention and customer lifetime value steadily increase over those nine years [with Epsilon], and that’s been very rewarding to see.”

– Director, Digital & Direct Marketing, Helzberg Diamonds


Find and engage customers while building long-term brand commitment.

Services organizations are challenged to find new customers efficiently, maintain relationships over time and build brand loyalty and advocacy. Epsilon partners with market leaders to help your teams better understand markets, and to segment and reach customers profitably across digital, social and traditional methods. We build end-to-end digital experiences that deliver customer loyalty and retention.

We drive both immediate improvements to your marketing ROI and costs of acquisition and longer-term impact on customer engagement. With end-to-end capabilities across digital and traditional marketing, real-time personalization and next-generation customer experiences, we can support your marketing transformation.

“With just a short-term focus on customer acquisition, Epsilon was able to deliver a 47% improvement in campaign-generated revenue, more than doubling our existing benchmarks.”

– Marketing Leader, Home Security Company


Leapfrog your competition by turning marketing into a strategic asset.

Marketing is often viewed as secondary to product and sales within technology companies. Epsilon works with leaders so technology marketers can identify strategic opportunities that maximize their market impact.

Epsilon delivers proven impact across the people, processes and technologies that drive your success. We can achieve this through digital technology and automation refresh, updated data strategies and enhancements, multichannel strategies and engagement, next-generation customer experience development or a completely digital transformation of your marketing.

“Epsilon is giving our consumer and B2B teams a competitive advantage by tying together loyalty and customer engagement, with more than 50% of our sell-through going through Agility.”

– Senior Director, Leading IT Technology Provider


Monetize your existing subscribers and acquire new ones at lower cost.

Convergence demands that you have an even stronger relationship with your customers. Epsilon works with leaders in the telecommunications industry to help your teams understand and engage your customers and tackle opportunities more fully.

We build value across your operations ranging from tactical wins to mitigate churn and improve customer acquisition to more strategic digital transformation, real-time personalized marketing engagement and next-generation customer experiences.

“With Epsilon, we saved millions and supported sales targets at lower cost by reducing our direct mailings by 40%, while maintaining our response rates.”

– Strategic Director, Telecommunications Leader

Travel & Hospitality

Understand your customers, when they are your guest and beyond.

The travel and hospitality industry is being reinvented with new technology, brand experiences and operating models. Now more than ever, you need a partner that delivers unmatched solutions. 

Epsilon knows your guests’ habits, lifestyles and needs in every stage of their relationship with you. Our unique assets in technology, data, insights, creative and media bring a complete view of the consumer. This allows your brand to move customer engagement from a transaction to a personalized brand experience with repeatable business results. We don’t just build strategies—we set up our clients to effectively bring their vision to life.

“Epsilon’s services are so crucial to so much of what we do at Marriott.”

– Marc Sheinkin, Director, Member Marketing, Marriott