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Drive ROI by using smarter technology and consumer data View more digital

Omnichannel, end-to-end automotive lifecycle marketing for dealerships and OEMs

Consumer is in-market for a vehicle

Data-driven social, video, display, search and traditional ads drive them to your dealership.

Vehicle is purchased

Consumer and vehicle telematics data are received. "Thank you" message is sent with an introduction to dealer services.

After-sales marketing is activated

Consumer and vehicle telematic data helps you drive maintenance and service ads for your dealership.

Omnichannel analytics reveal the results

Responses, digital KPIs, transactional consumer and VIN data all work together to deliver transparent ROI.

More consumers are influenced to start shopping

Equity mining, mileage and purchase data help you identify people who are about to be in-market, so you can reach them with marketing.

Retail Solutions


Sell more cars

It's not about KPIs or complex digital marketing terms. It's about using your dealerships' sales and service data—combined with our consumer identification and demographic data—to deliver the most personal messages at the right times. It's about marketing to people with messages that they want to see, when they want to see them. It's about knowing the best channels to deliver them on. It's true omnichannel marketing.


Sell more service

When you sell a vehicle to someone, we help you keep them as a customer. Vehicle telematics, analytic optimization, consumer identification technology and service history data all work seamlessly to identify when a customer should receive service, maintenance, parts and recall messaging. It's backed by 14 OEMs, it's the strongest aftersales marketing platform and it helps you get more people into your service bays.


Simplify your marketing

Imagine one login to view all KPIs, responses, open rates, channel budgets, results and—most importantly—ROI. Now imagine those reports helping you identify other opportunities, and imagine that the creative across all channels is synced and the customer gets relevant messages based on where they are in their purchase and ownership cycle. It's all possible with one company. It's simple. It's here. It's Epsilon.

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