Epsilon for Auto

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      omnichannel lifecycle marketing based on your dealerships' sales & service data

      Consumer is in-market for a vehicle

      They receive data-driven social, video, display, search and traditional ads that drive them to your store.

      Vehicle is purchased

      Consumer and vehicle telematics data are received. "Thank you" message is sent with an introduction to dealer services.

      After-sales marketing is activated

      Consumer and vehicle telematic data drives maintenance and service ads for your dealership.

      Omnichannel analytics are provided

      Responses, digital KPIs, purchase data and VIN data all work together to reveal your true return on ad spend (ROAS).

      More customers are influenced to purchase

      People continue to be identified as in-market (based on equity mining, mileage and purchase history) and are served messages.

      Retail solutions

      Sell more cars
      Identify and reach top prospects wherever they are.
      Sell more service
      Fill your service bays and generate loyalty beyond the sale.
      Simplify your marketing
      Easily automate cross-channel, person-level marketing.

      goals we'll help you reach


      Channel execution

      Deliver relevant, personal experiences wherever your customers are. Epsilon Omnichannel gives you insight into all your customers so you can orchestrate interactions across the best channels for each person, at the optimal moments, using the most impactful messages. Our Omnichannel clients continuously identify their customers across both online and direct channels and have ongoing, meaningful conversations—driving an average 86% customer engagement rate.



      Your data is only useful if you can use it to make smarter marketing decisions. That’s where our analytic services and decisioning tools come in. We analyze online and offline data from Epsilon, third parties and your own DMS. Then we build proprietary algorithms to help you identify the right customers and prospects for your business, the ideal moments to connect with them, the best channels for engagement, and the messages that will have the most impact.



      With Epsilon’s proprietary data that spans 1,500+ person-level attributes (including demographics and purchases) and our digital platform’s 7,000+ attributes, you’ll achieve deep, real-time knowledge of 200+ million U.S. consumers. And you’ll have 173+ opportunities daily to connect with each of them across their average 3.5 devices, as they browse online channels. These data sources combine with your DMS feeds, so you’ll know how each person interacts with your brand over time.


      Dealer Support

      We don’t just make marketing powerful; we also make it easy. Built using input from thousands of dealers, Epsilon Omnichannel provides you with a marketing portal, customized for each dealer, to configure campaigns, test new tactics and see your marketing’s impact on sales and repair orders. For even more support, our field support team will connect you with a marketing expert by phone or in person to discuss your marketing goals and offer strategies to optimize your results.

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