Epsilon PeopleCloud

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      “People-based” is a common cliché in our industry—yet Epsilon offers the only solution with real people (not just their devices) as the foundation. Each consumer’s online and offline activity is connected to a single ID that your brand owns. All media decisions and measurement ties back to these IDs, for a comprehensive view of your customers and full control of your marketing.

      What you’ll achieve

      Meet consumers’ rising expectations
      Deliver proactive, relevant conversations that make your customers feel recognized, respected and protected.
      Successfully navigate the marketing landscape
      Avoid the rising media and tech fragmentation, and get a more accurate, complete customer view than you ever thought possible.
      Reach your goals—with results that prove it
      Get a full understanding of your marketing’s impact, and then continuously optimize to drive omnichannel effectiveness.

      Epsilon PeopleCloud

      Solutions that supercharge your brand—powered by the CORE Platform

      ID-based insights platform to plan & optimize media


      Clean room to analyze customers and acquire new ones


      Performance-based media across mobile, desktop & video

      Digital Media Solutions

      Tie all internal systems and online activity to one ID


      The leading loyalty platform, managing complex programs


      The leading email and digital messaging solution


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      CORE Onboarding

      Superior offline and online matching unlocks access to more of your customers, for the industry’s highest onboarding rates. With 3x higher match rates and 5x higher activation rates than other solutions, you’ll reach more people with relevant messages for years.

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      CORE ID

      The industry’s most stable, accurate identity always puts people at the center. Our customer knowledge is rooted in highly accurate transactional data and counts real people, never just devices or cookies.

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      CORE Data

      Get more complete views of your customers than ever before, built from the industry’s most comprehensive consumer behavior, intent and transaction data—including what they buy (online and offline), how they buy, the devices they use and the content they consume.

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      CORE AI

      Activate and optimize every marketing decision for personalized, performance-driven experiences. Our self-learning machines update more than a billion times every five minutes, as your customers take actions with your brand and others.

      Start driving stronger marketing outcomes with our formula of high-definition data, in-depth personalization and performance measurement. Contact us