An enterprise-ready CDP that creates meaningful connections with your customers

Does your business struggle to unify data across multiple business units and brands? With Epsilon PeopleCloud Customer, an enterprise-ready Customer Data Platform (CDP), you'll power your multi-channel marketing with a single view of each customer. Using data-driven personalized marketing, you'll be able to predict which offer and channel will be the most successful for each individual at every step in their journey.

How we're different

Create the most valuable customer connections possible


Customer profiles you can trust

Get a unified, marketing-optimized view of every customer. Each profile unites disparate data from online and offline sources, and aligns across your entire ecosystem.


Insights that make your own data better

Use our proprietary data to cleanse and enrich your first-party customer knowledge, ensuring that it’s the best it can be for activation.


Vertical frameworks

Accelerate your time-to-value with data schemas, pre-built models and reports that are configured for your specific industry.



Get direct access to a dedicated support team that has seen it all and can help you with data strategy, analytics and marketing.


Native activation

With fully integrated activation across email, push notifications and SMS, you’ll eliminate the execution and measurement gaps that often result from working with multiple activation partners.

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Learn more about the Epsilon PeopleCloud Customer components: 


Epsilon PeopleCloud Customer is a customer data platform that helps you unify complex customer data across brands and business units to create a single source of truth for customer identity. Because we're enterprise-ready, we have the online and offline data to link it all together. First, we integrate customer data with Epsilon’s unparalleled data hygiene for the highest quality identity matching. Customer data integration is an important step. Then we augment your known customers with online data and behavioral activity on your properties across all their devices, giving you a more complete picture of how they interact with your brand. Our customer data integration process allows you to achieve immediate, persistent customer identification across devices and channels better than ever before.


Epsilon PeopleCloud Customer gives you seamless access to Epsilon’s proprietary consumer insights, allowing you to know your customers beyond your brand. Epsilon’s top-performing consumer data is embedded within Epsilon PeopleCloud Customer, offering person-level insights on 200+ million individuals, including demographics, lifestyle, interests, vehicle information and spend behavior. Our data mart includes predictive and intelligent models such as cross-sell, attrition and acquisition—allowing you to analyze by vertical. Use these new insights and unprecedented intelligence to build smarter audiences and reach your goals.


Once you align your customers’ identities, enhance their records with additional insights and create better segments, Epsilon PeopleCloud Customer allows you to activate them across the channels that matter most to you. Because the most popular and relevant channels are integrated into the platform, you’ll orchestrate all your marketing though a seamless workflow without having to manually move your data. Customer data integration has never been easier.


Epsilon PeopleCloud Customer provides a transparent view into your known customers’ journeys, across their offline and online interactions. Through multichannel attribution, you’ll identify which marketing touchpoints were most influential to a sale, and you’ll get actionable insights to measure and maximize your return on marketing investment (ROMI).


At Epsilon, we deliver software with service. We have years of marketing expertise combined with best-in-class data and technology to deliver a comprehensive, integrated solution. Wherever you need support and expertise, we’ll provide the talent and experience to achieve success. And our quick implementation allows you to start using this solution in a fraction of the time usually needed.