Digital Media Solutions

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With Epsilon PeopleCloud Digital Media Solutions, you’ll deepen your relationships with a lifetime of meaningful conversations across all your customers’ devices—powered by unprecedented knowledge of who they are, what they buy and how they buy. 


What we help you achieve

Connect with every customer
Increase lifetime value with unique, relevant conversations based on their behaviors & interests.
Efficiently acquire new ones
Find and convert prospects who match your goals—without wasting acquisition dollars on the wrong people.
Get them to take action
Reach customers most likely to complete important actions, like loyalty signups and test drives.

How we’re different

Achieve greater return on ad spend from your digital media


Full-service expertise

Industry experts across Strategy, Creative and Analytics do all the planning, implementing and optimizing for you, so you can focus on your business.


Higher performance with less waste

With award-winning identity management and machine learning, you’ll reach in-market consumers while reducing waste by managing frequency across devices.


Maximum reach

With the industry’s strongest identity matching and cross-device accuracy, marketers reach 3–5 times more of their customers online compared to other solutions.


Fully transparent reporting

Campaign reporting is updated daily and available 24/7, along with data feeds you’ll use to validate every action your customers take.


Brand safety

You’ll have a dedicated team of 25+ people to ensure brand safety and keep ad fraud below 1%, across 1.1+ million websites and 173,000 mobile apps.

Six digital media solutions are available, depending on your business goals. Learn more about them here.