Cookieless Solution

How we'll help you succeed in a world without third-party cookies

Platforms like Apple and Google are eliminating third-party cookies and other common identifiers. Once they’re gone, how will you find consumers online?

The key is first-party relationships with publishers and brands. Epsilon has thousands of these. And our identity graph unites all the data, activates it across the web and lets you keep personalizing, optimizing and measuring performance—no third-party cookies required.

How our solution works

Our solution is future-proofed, with people-based identity that links to first-party publisher data.


5,000+ publisher relationships

Publishers' first-party data is critical. We have direct relationships with a growing list of high-quality publishers.


Publisher data that links to our CORE IDs

By linking publishers’ first-party data (like hashed emails) to our 200+ million CORE IDs, we identify people across the open web and serve them personalized ads, even without third-party cookies.


Years of preparation

Epsilon saw the flaws of third-party cookies years ago. Since 2012, we’ve been strengthening our identity graph and direct relationships. That’s why we have thousands of publisher relationships while other vendors are just getting started, and why our identity has greater scale and higher accuracy than other solutions.

Proven results

This solution isn’t just talk. It’s already working on browsers like Safari, where third-party cookies have been gone since 2017.

Ad delivery
Our clients' ad delivery has increased 25% on Safari, as we identify consumers when others can't.
Ad impressions
98% of our ads are served to individuals, not to cookies or devices.
Overall performance
Our clients have seen 0% performance degradation without third-party cookies.

A head start on a scalable, proven solution


We developed our first people-based identity solution, now known as CORE ID.


We launched our proprietary publisher exchange, the CORE Private Exchange.


We introduced our identity technology and first-party integrations to CPE publishers.


We developed partnerships with industry leaders such as Prebid to further scale our publisher relationships.

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