An ID-based insights platform for planning your growth strategy and optimizing media View more digital

Epsilon PeopleCloud Discovery empowers your agency teams with a deep understanding of millions of people—on a marketing platform that unites audience insights, segmentation, creative analysis, media planning and reporting. These tools, and the discoveries you’ll make with them, will drive growth and true business transformation through more personalized, optimized media.

How you’ll drive brand growth

Uncover deep insights

Understand people better than ever before to reveal insights into clients, competitors and markets.

Apply growth planning

Know how to boost your clients’ KPIs with smarter allocations across media channels.

Buy media across digital & TV

Consistently reach the right audience, no matter the channel, for persistent, holistic conversations.

Monitor & optimize

Continuously learn from customers’ real-time actions to optimize each journey across devices and platforms.

Solve any business challenge

We're uniquely positioned to achieve whatever you need.


Unlock growth audiences

The platform connects data and applies predictive modeling to provide unified audience insights, creative strategy and measurement that aligns to client growth.


Data-driven media plans

Apply growth planning for smarter recommendations for cross-channel media allocation, always connected to your clients’ KPIs.


A powerful, intuitive interface

Sleek visualizations and push-button AI help you learn about your existing audiences and uncover new audiences for media buyers and planners alike.


A global platform

The platform’s open framework supports both global and local data providers to deliver tailored solutions to more than 45 markets.


World-class expertise

Our client IDs are built with client data ownership, access and portability as top priorities, giving them the flexibility for custom data and application integrations.

Start growing your clients’ brands with intelligent workflows and visualizations connected to rich, person-level data. Contact us