Bring your customers personalized, cross-channel messages in the moments that matter most
With award-winning technology, unparalleled customer insights and world-class service, Epsilon PeopleCloud Messaging delivers on the promise of personalization. Helping you create the most relevant conversations in each customer's preferred channels, across their entire journey.


Some examples of the industry-leading revenue growth, efficiency and relevance we drive for clients.
increase in campaign revenue
more productive campaign build
increase in conversion rate

See our award-winning email campaign that drove higher revenue and higher average order value (AOV) for Coach using deep personalization.

Are you making the right connections across each customer’s journey?

Drive intrigue

You want to start conversations on the device each customer is most likely to engage on, with content they’ll care about.

Engage & convert

You want to keep the dialog going based on their actions (and inactions), to move them to closer to purchase.

Close & support

You want to deliver timely post-purchase messages that remind them you have their back.

Build conversations & loyalty

You want to continue to stay relevant and top-of-mind, so you can drive loyalty for years.

There may be roadblocks in your way

Aligning & activating data
Data comes from everywhere, and it’s messy. It’s hard to pull it together and use it the right ways.
Making real-time decisions
By the time you act on a decision, your customer has moved on—and the communication feels fragmented.
Creating & managing content
Managing all your content is time-consuming, and it’s hard to scale up and treat customers like individuals.
Selecting the best channels
After you’ve figured out a message to deliver, do you know what to say next—and where to say it?
Measuring holistically
If you don’t know your marketing’s true impact on your business, have you really learned anything?

How we're different


End-to-end personalization

With advanced machine learning, you’ll automate personalization across every dimension of your marketing—including the audience; the content of your messages; the devices and channels you deliver them to; and the times you deliver them.


Content creation at scale

Simplify your process of content creation and management. The messages you send can dynamically personalize based on the recipient’s individual preferences, actions and behaviors.


Expert services & strategic partners

250+ digital experts are dedicated to supporting your brand growth through a proven multichannel maturity model that highlights best practices, actionable insights, areas of opportunity and ways to improve your time to effectiveness.


Holistic measures of success

Move beyond campaign metrics with a solution that optimizes your performance based on brand engagement, revenue opportunity and customer lifetime value.


The expertise of an industry leader

Benefit from the expertise of a partner that consistently ranks as a leader for email marketing and cross-channel marketing excellence, according to analyst reports and industry publications.



Delivering the customized experiences customers want and expect


Dynamic campaign creative in emails to drive client activation


Launching new brand stores with benchmark-busting engagement

Let us help you start building the highest-performing customer conversations. Contact us

Epsilon PeopleCloud Messaging is a digital email and mobile messaging platform that enables personalized, relevant conversations between you and your customers. You’ll connect with them on an individual level across all their digital devices and channels in the moments that matter most. Email marketing is one of the most important. When it comes to email marketing services, whether you need something as small as an email campaign or something as large as an email marketing platform, Epsilon PeopleCloud Messaging can help fulfill your marketing needs. For the best email marketing provider with the best email marketing tools, look no further than us. 

But Epsilon PeopleCloud Messaging isn't only about email. It's an end-to-end marketing solution. Dedicated to giving you everything you need to find, engage, convert, retain and grow the very best customers for your organization.

Epsilon PeopleCloud Messaging is your partner to drive advanced personalization and business outcomes optimized for driving revenue and growth.