A privacy-safe environment to analyze your best customers and efficiently acquire new ones Learn more

What we help you achieve

Analyze consumer behavior
Identify predictive triggers throughout each of their journeys.
Score their propensities
Anticipate their needs and reach them at the moment they consider making a purchase.
Model & activate audiences
Achieve your goals for every campaign, including acquisition and re-engagement.
Measure your true impact
Power multi-touch attribution models, with better data and more touchpoints.

How we’re different

Align people's online & offline worlds to a privacy-safe ID.


A look outside your walls

See beyond customers’ and prospects’ actions when they’re with you. Anticipate what they need and when they’ll need it, with the power of a network that observes 200 billion web interactions and 120 million SKU-level purchases daily.


Individual-level views

Align all touchpoints across channels and devices back to a single person, with 96% matching accuracy. And with stable, persistent connections, there’s no guessing or overlap between channels, and 80% of customer connections last for 2 years or more.


Reliable attribution results

Attribution models are only as good as the customer journeys powering them. Connect more touchpoints along each journey for full transparency into the effectiveness of every marketing message you deliver, and prove your marketing’s true impact.


Data portability

Build and activate audiences across 400+ media partners, or export customer journey data to your favorite business intelligence or attribution solution.

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