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    Having trouble proving the value of your upstream marketing efforts? That’s what Epsilon Attribution is for. It captures each customer’s online and offline touchpoints and links them back to a single, persistent ID. With 2.5x visibility into conversion paths, you’ll be confident about which marketing activities are (or aren’t) driving sales.

    what you'll gain access to


    Single view of each customer

    Your attribution model is only as strong as the data that’s powering it. Epsilon aligns touchpoints across all channels, which lets you see 2.5x as many touchpoints. How? Through better identity and our ability to stay digitally connected over time.


    Attribution modeling

    Receive prepackaged attribution models, such as First Touch, Last Touch and Fractional, and customize them to your needs. Once you identify which channels are performing well (or underperforming), you can allocate marketing spend to the most relevant channels.


    Paths to purchase

    Conversion paths are rarely uniform. Customers often jump from channel to channel and device to device. With Attribution, you’ll understand how website traffic drives in-store conversions, what your customers’ top paths are and how long it takes them to convert—or if they don’t convert, where their path ended.


    Media efficiency

    Measure all the waste across media vendors that may be resulting in over-messaging customers. And discover if your acquisition campaigns are reaching your existing customers instead of actual prospects.

    Key features

    All-events feed
    See every conversion your customers make, including online and in-store purchases.
    All-touch feed
    See every customer touchpoint that leads to a conversion.
    Bridge ID feeds
    Identify if a customer has multiple profiles, and resolve them back to a single ID.
    Rules-based models
    Get prepackaged code for Last Touch, First Touch and Fractional models.
    Data portability
    Each feed can integrate with your BI or attribution solution of choice.
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