Vendors used by Epsilon Agility Harmony


This page describes the infrastructure environment, sub-processors and certain other entities material to Epsilon’s provision of the services branded as Agility Harmony (“Covered Services”).

Infrastructure – Customer Data Storage

The Covered Services are hosted in data centers. Epsilon owns or controls access to the infrastructure that it uses to store data submitted by its customers to the Covered Services (“Customer Data”).  In general, Customer Data is stored in data centers in the region from which a customer contracts to obtain Covered Services.  Customers can request or choose to be hosted in a different region. For customers based in the Americas, Salesforce stores Customer Data in its data centers located in the United States.  For customers based in Europe, Epsilon stores Customer Data in its data centers located in Europe.

The following describes the countries and legal entities engaged in the storage of Customer Data by Epsilon for the Covered Services.

Customer Region Data Center

Countries and Operators



Data Electronics Services, Ltd
London, UK

United States


CyrusOne LLC
Lewisville, Texas, United States



Customer Data Processing

The following legal entities are engaged in processing Customer Data for non-storage purposes.

Entity Name

Entity Type

Entity Country

Other info

Epsilon Data Management, LLC

Epsilon Affiliate


Intra group
(Customer Support; product and services development and Services)

Epsilon Interactive CA, ULC


Epsilon Affiliate


Intra group
(Customer Support)

Conversant Software Development and Campaign Management Services LLP

Epsilon Affiliate



Intra group
(Customer Support)

Amazon Web Services, Inc.

Third Party Service Provider


Data storage and system hosting
services provider

Apigee Corporation

Third Party Service Provider


Apigee Corporation allows Epsilon to monitor, manage, analyze and secure
API traffic sent to Agility Harmony