Consumer Data Insights – Premium - 2020

Epsilon believes in the value of data. We’ve spent decades building our data assets and we manage the industry’s top-ranked consumer database, with coverage of every marketable U.S. household.  Consumer Data Insights – 2020 – Premium is a marketing data file with 400+ elements providing demographic, financial, lifestyle, and propensity models describing U.S. consumers.  Data is aggregated at the neighborhood ZIP+4 level to allow for detailed analysis at the most discreet level of geography.  Use this data for smarter market segmentation, target audience definition, modeling and business portfolio analysis. 

This robust dataset includes:


Data elements that identify the key demographics of households including age, number of people in household, presence of children, marital status, occupation, etc.


Data elements that identify household income, financial resources, and home value indicators.


120+ variables identifying consumer hobbies, interests and lifestyles to broaden consumer understanding including: hobbies and interests, purchase characteristics, reading habits, charitable donations, pet ownership, music interests, travel habits, nutrition and diet preferences, sports participation, and much more.

Niches 5.0:

Niches 5.0 is a clustering system that segments every household within the TotalSource Plus® consumer database into 26 distinct groups based on demographic, geographic, lifestyles, interests and behaviors.

Propensity Models:

Our suite of 240+ industry-specific propensity models to identify audiences likely to engage, purchase or consume specific products and services.

  • Automotive (6 Fields) - Auto Warranty Purchasers, New Luxury Vehicle Purchasers, Public Transportation Users, Vehicle DIYers and more.
  • Consumer packaged goods (67 Fields) – including Convenience Cooks, Organic Food Purchasers, Master Cooks, Private Label Shoppers, Walmart Enthusiasts and more.
  • Dining (18 Fields) – including Coffee Enthusiasts, Catering Customers, Online Delivery Customers, Restaurant Loyalists, and more.
  • Finance (45 Fields) – including 401k Owners, Frequent ATM Customers, Likely to Use an Investment Broker, Second Homeowners, Low Interest Credit Card Users and more.
  • Insurance & Healthcare (29 Fields) – including Auto Insurance – Agent Sold, Pet Insurance Purchasers, Term Life Buyers, Medicare Supplement Insurance Purchasers and more.
  • Media & Technology (29 Fields) – including Smart Home Customers, Early Adopters, Frequent Online Movie Viewers, Gamers, Socially Active on Facebook and more.
  • Not for Profit (15 Fields) – including Environmental Donors, Likely Voters, High-Dollar Donors, Veterans Donors and more.
  • Retail (22 Fields) – including Amazon Prime Customers, Bargain Shoppers, Fresh Food Delivery Consumers, Men’s Big & Tall Apparel Customers, Restaurant App Users and more.
  • Travel & Leisure (10 Fields) – including Likely Cruisers, Airline Upgraders, Timeshare Owners, Casino Gamers, Hotel Loyalty Program Members and more.
  • Other Markets (34 Fields) – a wide variety of data including Diet-Conscious Households, Soccer Enthusiasts, Do It Yourselfers, Live Music Concert Attendees, Yoga/Pilates Enthusiasts and more.



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Privacy Policy

Epsilon Consumer Privacy Center

This Epsilon product on Data Exchange contains aggregated data with no personally identifiable information.  The data is aggregated at the Zip+4 (postal zip code concatenated with 4-digit zip extension) level by summing or averaging data across the geography.  Aggregated data cannot be linked back to personally identifiable information.